Hi Stumbler! Inferno Dragon here to assist you with any gameplay related FAQ 🐲

We want all our stumblers to enjoy their matches against each other, so our matchmaking process tries to match stumblers with similar gameplay skills

This is so stumblers that have just started have a better chance of getting to know the gameplay mechanics, maps layout so in the future (after winning some trophies, crows and XP) they can be paired with more experienced stumblers 

We want our game to be competive and fair so you can all enjoy a good Stumble Guys play session 

The average waiting time to be paired with other stumblers & map selection is 15 seconds (This is highly dependent on your internet connection. If you have a weaker mobile network internet speed we recommend you try and connect via WiFi)

Maps on the normal ''Play'' mode will be selected at random so be sure to know them all!

For ''Party'' mode such as ''Normal Game'' or ''Custom Game'' in order to play make sure you are on the same game version and server region as the other stumblers so you can create and invite them or you can simply enter the code of the party that your friends have created so you can join them

Have a scorching day!