Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron here to assist you with any gameplay related FAQ ⚡

Since our stumblers were requesting, we heard you and we added a Friends List so you can connect with everyone from your family and friends! (Available on version 0.44.2 and above)

You can access your friends list by clicking friends on the left hand side of your screen:  

Once inside this sub-menu you will see this:
From here you can:

- Add Friends (Type the friend you are looking for)
- Check for pending invites (You can reject, block or add)
- See recommended friends (People similar in level and skill to you, or who you have previously played with)
- See your Friends list (You can see their online status and their profile)
- Remove a stumbler at any time by pressing the bin icon (For example if you added this stumbler by mistake)
- You can share your invite code with friends via Facebook and whatsapp. Alternatively the orange button on the right hand side will allow you to share the Api link to other social media platforms.

We are still expanding the Friends List so hopefully in the future it will have more functionalities

Thank you for being awesome!