Hi Stumbler! Inferno Dragon here to assist you with any gameplay related FAQ 🐲

The game’s controls may be basic, but the race against other players is always a challenge.  Here’s what you can see when in a match:  

  1. Objective - lists what objective is done to qualify or win the game 

  2. Ping - indicates network stability 

  3. Movement - virtual analog stick that lets you move your character. This is replaced by the WASD keys on PC by default

  4. Qualified Players - total amount of players that can qualify for the next round. This is replaced by no. of eliminated during the 3rd/final round.

  5. Emotes - list of emotes equipped. Is replaced by 1-4 number keys on PC by default

  6. Jump/Dive - lets you jump across obstacles. Pressing the button twice lets you dive

Have a scorching day!