Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron here to assist you with any tournament related FAQ ⚡
Stumble Guys can be a fun competitive game! To make things more interesting we have the ability for our stumblers to join Tournaments. If you’re feeling competitive, you can join tournaments where you can wage your gems and battle against other players  

Types of tournament: 
Usually there is a main tournament  (larger prize pool) with other smaller tournaments always being queued. Their frequency can vary but rest assured that you will always find a tournament to your liking.
Tournaments can have a different set of rules (Example: No use of kick emote) and they can also be a team effort to see which team accumulates more points in the different rounds and or phases to progress and eventually win if you score better than other teams.

(Note: For tournaments that require 2 or more players, the party needs to be full before the registration ends. Keep in mind that the entry fee is not refunded if the party isn't full before registration.)

Entry Fee:
A tournament fee at the cost of Gems is required. This will be part of the total prize pool you can potentially win.

Start date:
Tournaments start dates can vary so be on the lookout for the starting date inside the game itself or follow our official discord server)
Rewards can vary from tournament to tournament. Every tournament is different and not all positions have gems rewards attributed. 
Tournaments duration:
Depending on the rounds, phases and amount of stumblers that are participating a large tournament can last up to 3 or 4 hours, while smaller ones can be last 1 or 2 hours (Highly dependent if you advance until the finals)
Tournament Point System:
So to understand better draws or when you think you should have won / advanced to the next stage heres a practical example below.

You have race map with 3 players:

1. First place and Second place will get 1 GAME POINT and third place gets nothing. (gamepoints: 1,1)
2. Game sets match points to give it to only the best player in a match, 1st place, 6 points. (matchpoints: 6)
3. However, we have 2 players that have 1 game point and therefore they created a tiebreaker situation for first place.
4. Tiebreaker will split matchpoints between players causing tiebreaker (each player get 3 points).
5. Players will receive matchpoints from a tiebreaker but WIN is not awarded (qualified).
6. In-Game, it will be displayed to players 1st and 2nd player will see "DRAW 3pt", 3rd player will see "eliminated"

You can find more information for each tournament inside the game or in our official discord server:  STUMBLE GUYS DISCORD
Thank you for being awesome!