Many of our games support social activities that can drive players to share meaningful experiences.
However, sharing information that is private or protected, such as your or other players’ personal  information or account details, can hurt that experience. Sharing personal information may also be illegal in certain circumstances, and any breaches may be punishable by law.  
  • Ways to play with integrity:
    • Keep your personal account information and unique player ID private and secure
    • Respect your own and others’ privacy
    • Share content that’s meant to be shared
    • Communicate only with other willing players within the game’s chat function or established platforms
  • Examples of not playing with integrity:
    • Sharing others’ personal information, such as contact information
    • Impersonating other people or Scopely employees
    • Sharing or selling your account to others
    • Infringing on others’ intellectual property rights or personal content