Stumblers! We have exciting news! 
We are happy to announce that Stumble Guys will join the Scopely family! 
Scopely is a leader in the mobile gaming industry, bringing us gems like “Star Trek™ Fleet Command",  “MARVEL Strike Force", and “WWE Champions.”
We are sure you are super curious to know more details about all this; you must have many questions. You can find more information here, or just read our Q&A below...
Q: What will this acquisition mean for “Stumble Guys”?
A: It means the game will receive even more love and attention from us! We plan to continue operating the game in the same ways players know and adore while also further deepening the experience thanks to our: Technology platform and its capabilities, Publishing Infrastructure, and most importantly a creative and dedicated game-making team!
We want to continue improving “Stumble Guys “as you, stumble-maniacs, deserve. We plan to invest resources and time to make improvements and add content to this unique, fantastic game. We are super dedicated to the project!
Please remember that developing a game is challenging and complex. Implementing new features or adding new content requires a lot of planning and testing for us to guarantee an excellent gaming experience.
Therefore, please be patient; new content and features will arrive, but those tasks require time!
Q: What happens next?
A: We are already expanding the team to work on this masterpiece of a game. Many fantastic people have joined the team, and we are still looking for new talent to provide you with a stumbling paradise!
Q: What about the “Stumble Guys” Community?
A: If you are on Discord, you might have noticed that new Community Managers have joined the heroic Bansq and the Community: Stumble Droid and the amazing Dayo!!
Soon other Community Managers will join the team, including new team members in Asia and South America, which will translate into better support and exclusive content for the community – such as regular update videos, help in multiple languages, and much more!
We have also opened our official Twitch account. Expect some regular streams there in the future!
Please, feel free to reach out to us on our Discord server or reach out to our Customer Service Team!
Let’s Stumble across the Universe together!