Many reported issues will get resolved relatively quickly, but sometimes it can take a bit longer to get to the bottom of a technical issue or bug 

Here is where you can find a list of widespread issues currently being investigated by our developers. Please note that there may be other issues not listed that we are working on as well.

This list will be updated regularly, and issues will be added and removed as they are discovered and resolved.
To report an issue or bug that you do not see listed here, please see our FAQ on How To Submit A New Bug Report
Last Updated: 21/05/2024 

UI icons fail to appear and user gets stuck/cannot move during gameplay
Description: Whilst joining a game on steam, as you enter the match you may not be able to move or use emotes, follow the following steps to resolve this issue.
Troubleshooting steps:
1. Open Settings.
2. Inside the settings menu, locate and open "Controls Customize."
3. Tap on "Reset" to restore default control settings.
4. If playing on Steam or Web, please turn on ''Player Emotes'' option
5. After completing the above steps, restart the app.
Status: Not always an issue / Workaround available / Improvements to be made on later version

Leaderboard Rewards % Tier from Event(s) after claimed are not showing on the profile/account
Description: At the end of the event if eligible, when you claim your rewards there is no pop up to show you your rewards, if you don't see them credited follow this troubleshooting steps
Troubleshooting steps:
1. In order to see the reward(s) on your profile, it will require you to restart the game app
2. Play a few matches
3. Restart your game app again
4. Open the game app and your claimed reward(s) will now be made available
As an extra step:
5. If you still do not see the reward(s), restart your device & repeat all previous steps one more time
Status: Not always an issue / Workaround available

Server Outage on 21/4/2023
DescriptionOur servers were affected for several minutes due to the release of a new feature in the game, and while the majority of the issue was fixed instantly, some of you might still be experiencing login issues. Participation to ongoing Tournaments was also affected, so we'll be remaking them within the next 24-48 hours. Please stay tuned in our Discord (#announcements) for more information
Status : High priority / Working on a fix urgently

Free Offer ''Pixel Blue Ninja''
Description: On our official website we are having a ''free offer'' for the legendary skin ''Pixel Blue Ninja'' until around 6th of April 2023. (Offer Only available to be claimed on our official website)
How to claim it:
1. Go on
2. Enter your in-game username
3. Claim the ''pixel blue ninja'' skin
4. Restart your game
5. Skin is available to use on customization screen
Status: Not a bug / No need for a fix 

Issue with Treasure Hunt event
Description: There is an known issue with the Treasure Hunt event if players don't update their client version to 0.46. If a player tries to play it without 0.46, the Treasure Island map won't load. Instead player will be throw to just a normal ''Play'' session
Status: Fixable by player updating to 0.46

Facebook / Social Media Connection Not Available
Description: This is not actually a bug/issue, but we do surface it here as it can prove to be a hinderance for many players. Basically those under certain ages are considered "minors" based on each countries regulations & laws. We can show limited ads & we cannot allow connection to Social Media through our game for those accounts. Please make sure your account is saved with either Google Play or Game Center to avoid unwanted loss of progress. Of course our support team is always there for you to assist you getting your account back!
Status: Not a bug / Won't fix
No Ads for Daily Rewards
Description: As mentioned above, ads might be limited for accounts owned by "minors", and that can make it difficult to collect the daily rewards. We're always working on improving this experience, but due to laws & regulations the improvements need to be very controlled & gradual.
Status: Not a bug / Working on improving the experience
Pass Through Objects
Description: There a very small chance a player passes through an object when the avatar is hit with strong enough force.
Status: Known issue / To be fixed
Game Mods
Description: There have been cases where certain users were able to use mods to their benefit & create a very negative experience for everyone else inside the game. Usage of mods is not permitted as our Terms of Service state and we reserve the right to permanent ban anyone using such 3rd party software. Any mods you might come across, even if they seem official, they are not! The game should be downloaded from the official sources / stores only. We are putting all the possible effort in making the game mod-free, but it's an ongoing process and it takes sometime. We appreciate your continuous support and valuable reports of anything out of the ordinary.
Status: Known issue / To be fixed
Party Room Creation Error
Description: Sometimes when attempting to create a Party Room, an error might occur. To troubleshoot this, please add an additional number or letter to the party code. Same thing can happen in Custom Party.
Status: Known issue / To be fixed
Tournaments With Incorrect Settings
Description: As our in-game Tournaments are created manually, there's always a small chance for human errors. If you happen to participate in a Tournament where the settings are incorrect (e.g. rewards not assigned to certain tiers), please don't worry, an entry fee refund will be processed for all the participants to make amends.
Status: Known issue / Fix to be applied incident
Name Change Not Available on Steam Accounts
Description: When using a new account on Steam, while another account was used previously on the same PC, the free name change won't be available. If that happens to you, please contact our support team for assistance.
Status: Known issue / Fix to be applied per case
Prices Vary Between Regions
Description: This is not actually an issue. From the developer side, the in-game prices are the same for everyone. What sometimes affects prices though, is the currency conversion and the regional tax (VAT) that is not controlled or regulated by Scopely.
Status: Not an issue / Won't fix
Offer Not Available in Store
Description: Our in-game store offers are always rotating and can be different between accounts at the same time. Some offers also have specific requirements before they become available. That said, not having a certain offer available to you is not a bug / issue, however sometimes it can happen that an offer meant to appear in the store for everyone is not available (mainly special & high value offers). If you encounter such an issue when comparing your available offers with your friends, please make sure your game progress is bound to Google Play or Game Center, delete & install the game app again. This will fix the issue at hand.
Status: Not always an issue / Workaround available
Character Stuck Lying On The Floor (w/ Christmas Future Skin)
Description: Falling into the "paint" trap during a match, while having the Christmas Future skin equipped, might cause your character to remain stuck lying on the floor. Unfortunately if that happens, you won't be able to continue the match, but we're actively working on a fix.
Status: Known issue / To be fixed