Many reported issues will get resolved relatively quickly, but sometimes it can take a bit longer to get to the bottom of a technical issue or bug 

Here is where you can find a list of widespread issues currently being investigated by our developers. Please note that there may be other issues not listed that we are working on as well.

This list will be updated regularly, and issues will be added and removed as they are discovered and resolved.
To report an issue or bug that you do not see listed here, please see our FAQ on How To Submit A New Bug Report
Last Updated: 13/07/2024

User gets stuck on the "Finding Room" matchmaking screen while playing Ranked Mode

Description: When a player tries to play ranked game mode using the solo button, then the game gets stuck on the matchmaking screen.
Troubleshooting steps: Close and relaunch the game
Status: Known Issue/To be fixed

Players get stuck in the ranked carousel (infinite loading)

Description: Stuck in never-ending map selection.
Status: Known Issue/To be fixed

Players get kicked from the matchmaking due to a lack of participation from those selected

Description: When the game is about to start and one or more players don't connect, the remaining players are kicked back to the lobby with an error pop-up (matchmaking error / server error / please try again). This issue is less frequent in lower-difficulty leagues due to higher traffic but occurs more often in advanced leagues with fewer players.
Status: Known Issues/ To Be fixed

Limited Button mapping issue in ''Settings''

Description: We are aware that the update will alter the button mapping options. Remapping is limited to the jump and action buttons in this new version. Don't worry, we are actively working on a solution to bring back full customization of button mapping
Status: Known Issue/To be fixed

Special Emotes slots reset after every game restart

Description: On 0.75, Special Emotes get reset after every game restart (closing the game app & re-opening it). Player needs to re-assign their special emotes again while this is happening.
Status: Fixed once "Abilities" are visible in the customization menu (Mid July depending on region)

[Speed Run]"Best Time" save is lost after relaunching the game.

Description: In version 0.74.1, when attempting a speed run, the "Best Time" save is not retained after closing and relaunching the game. This results in players losing their recorded best times and having to start over.
Status: Known Issue/To be fixed

Map Loading Issue: Spectator Mode Spawn and Controller Lock

Description: Players are encountering a game loading issue where they spawn in a state resembling spectator mode or floating in the air. This prevents them from controlling their character with the controller, rendering the game unplayable.
Status: Known Issue/To be fixed

I'm seeing a timer instead of wave numbers in the "Block Dash Endless" map.

Description: This change was made in version 0.73 of Stumble Guys. We are taking players' feedback into consideration.
Status: Not a Bug/ Working on improving the experience

UI icons fail to appear and user gets stuck/cannot move during gameplay

Description: Whilst joining a game on steam, as you enter the match you may not be able to move or use emotes, follow the following steps to resolve this issue.
Troubleshooting steps:
1. Open Settings.
2. Inside the settings menu, locate and open "Controls Customize."
3. Tap on "Reset" to restore default control settings.
4. If playing on Steam or Web, please turn on ''Player Emotes'' option
5. After completing the above steps, restart the app.
Status: Not always an issue / Workaround available / Improvements to be made on later version

Leaderboard Rewards % Tier from Event(s) after claimed are not showing on the profile/account

Description: At the end of the event if eligible, when you claim your rewards there is no pop up to show you your rewards, if you don't see them credited follow this troubleshooting steps
Troubleshooting steps:
1. In order to see the reward(s) on your profile, it will require you to restart the game app
2. Play a few matches
3. Restart your game app again
4. Open the game app and your claimed reward(s) will now be made available
As an extra step:
5. If you still do not see the reward(s), restart your device & repeat all previous steps one more time
Status: Not always an issue / Workaround available

Facebook / Social Media Connection Not Available

Description: This is not actually a bug/issue, but we do surface it here as it can prove to be a hinderance for many players. Basically those under certain ages are considered "minors" based on each countries regulations & laws. We can show limited ads & we cannot allow connection to Social Media through our game for those accounts. Please make sure your account is saved with either Google Play or Game Center to avoid unwanted loss of progress. Of course our support team is always there for you to assist you getting your account back!
Status: Not a bug / Won't fix
No Ads for Daily Rewards

Description: As mentioned above, ads might be limited for accounts owned by "minors", and that can make it difficult to collect the daily rewards. We're always working on improving this experience, but due to laws & regulations the improvements need to be very controlled & gradual.
Status: Not a bug / Working on improving the experience
Pass Through Objects

Description: There a very small chance a player passes through an object when the avatar is hit with strong enough force.
Status: Known issue / To be fixed
Game Mods

Description: There have been cases where certain users were able to use mods to their benefit & create a very negative experience for everyone else inside the game. Usage of mods is not permitted as our Terms of Service state and we reserve the right to permanent ban anyone using such 3rd party software. Any mods you might come across, even if they seem official, they are not! The game should be downloaded from the official sources / stores only. We are putting all the possible effort in making the game mod-free, but it's an ongoing process and it takes sometime. We appreciate your continuous support and valuable reports of anything out of the ordinary.
Status: Known issue / To be fixed
Party Room Creation Error

Description: Sometimes when attempting to create a Party Room, an error might occur. To troubleshoot this, please add an additional number or letter to the party code. Same thing can happen in Custom Party.
Status: Known issue / To be fixed
Name Change Not Available on Steam Accounts

Description: When using a new account on Steam, while another account was used previously on the same PC, the free name change won't be available. If that happens to you, please contact our support team for assistance.
Status: Known issue / Fix to be applied per case
Prices Vary Between Regions

Description: This is not actually an issue. From the developer side, the in-game prices are the same for everyone. What sometimes affects prices though, is the currency conversion and the regional tax (VAT) that is not controlled or regulated by Scopely.
Status: Not an issue / Won't fix
Offer Not Available in Store

Description: Our in-game store offers are always rotating and can be different between accounts at the same time. Some offers also have specific requirements before they become available. That said, not having a certain offer available to you is not a bug / issue, however sometimes it can happen that an offer meant to appear in the store for everyone is not available (mainly special & high value offers). If you encounter such an issue when comparing your available offers with your friends, please make sure your game progress is bound to Google Play or Game Center, delete & install the game app again. This will fix the issue at hand.
Status: Not always an issue / Workaround available
I can't play with my friend (Player is on a different app version)

Description: Sometimes, when attempting to join a Party Room, an error might occur. This usually happens when the players are not on the same game version.
Troubleshooting steps:
  1. Make sure you are using the correct party code and have the same game version installed.
  2. Ensure you are all playing in the same region. You can check and change this in the "Settings" option inside the game.

Status: Not an Issue

Unable to change the username to the colored username

Description: There is currently no function available to change your character's name color. This functionality is only available to our content creators.
Status: Not an Issue

I want to unlink my PS account

Description: There have been cases where players accidentally connect their account on PlayStation to a Scopely ID which prevents them from connecting their original account from Mobile/Steam/Web to the Playstation. Due to Sony Restriction, once you link a Stumble Account to your PlayStation profile with a Scopely ID, we can't unlink it.
Status: Working as intended

No longer able to spend gems to purchase Premium Pass 

Description: The player no longer has the option to buy the Premium Pass using gems. The reason for this is that you are part of a testing group inside the game, and the only option for the Stumble Pass activation (both Regular and Deluxe) is via in-app purchase.
Status: Not a Bug/ Working on improving the experience

Battle Pass disappeared (if player purchases battle pass right before the new season starts)

Description: If you recently enabled/purchased the Premium Stumble Pass on your account and noticed that it went missing, it's possible that you have purchased the Stumble Pass right before the season ended. Please be informed that the Stumble Pass has a countdown timer for your remaining time to claim your rewards. To check this time you have left, tap the Stumble Pass icon button on the main screen and you'll find it on the top left part of the screen.
Status: Working as intended.

Consoles being on different app version than other platforms

Description: Cross-play is currently unavailable on console platforms (PlayStation and Xbox) as the versions running on these platforms are older in comparison to the live version of the game. Stay tuned as we work on having this feature available in the future version of the game.
Status: Work in progress

Players asking to become content creators (streamers)

Description: To explore professional or partnership-related opportunities, you can look for our official Discord: "/stumbleguys" and check for any openings for our creator program.

From the discord channel, you can get more information on how to join our Creator Program (Content Creator, Moderator, etc.). Follow the steps shared from the channel to file your application to be a Content Creator.

Please stay tuned to our social media:camera_with_flash: for frequent openings and updates on the game!!
Status: Working as Intended