Hi Stumbler! Inferno Dragon here to assist you with any gameplay & feature related FAQ 🐲

In this update we are introducing an exciting overhaul to Special Emotes, bringing a new level of strategy and progression to Stumble Guys.

Please note that the availability of this feature may vary depending on your region. Some players might not see it immediately as we gradually enable it across different areas.

Introducing Abilities

Traditional Special Emotes have been transformed into Abilities! Just like Special Emotes, players can equip Abilities and use them during matches.

Normal Emotes and Taunts can now be equipped separately, so you can have four Emotes/Taunts and four abilities equipped at any given time.

As before, Abilities add a strategic layer to the gameplay, allowing players to choose skills that complement their playstyle in a specific map or experience and give them an edge in the competition.

Unlocking and Progression

Abilities are now unlocked with a dedicated currency called Ability Keys, which you can find in Stumble Journey, as well as Stumble Pass.

This means players will now have the freedom to collect Ability Keys with the goal of unlocking their preferred Ability.

Additionally, we have introduced a new progression that allows players to enhance their favorite Abilities. This progression enables you to reduce cooldown time, increase the area of effect, boost impact force, and improve various other stats and characteristics associated with each Ability.

In order to upgrade your Abilities, you will need to collect the other new currency, Ability Tokens.

This currency can be found throughout the game in Stumble Missions, Lucky Wheels, Stumble Pass, Stumble Journey, the Shop, and from Ranked progression rewards.

Each Ability can be upgraded through 15 levels of enhancement. As you progress through these levels, your Abilities become more powerful and effective. This will give you a greater edge in matches!

Each time you level up one of your Abilities, you have the opportunity to improve one of its characteristics. You have full control over how you want your game to evolve!

Ability Styles & Visual Variants

When upgrading your Abilities to levels 5, 10, and 15, the upgrade grants you an extra visual style. Once unlocked, you are free to choose and equip the one you want to display. You have full customization!

Ability Gameplay

Abilities now have their own dedicated buttons–separate from emotes–which also have four customizable buttons. This allows you to carry four Abilities and four Emotes simultaneously, giving you more power and versatility in matches. You can now enhance your gameplay with powerful Abilities, while still expressing yourself with Emotes.

Special Emote Compatibility

Wondering what will happen to your Special Emotes? Don’t worry, you won't lose them! Your Special Emotes will automatically convert to their corresponding Abilities, pre-upgraded to match the power level of the original Special Emote. From there, you can continue upgrading these Abilities at your own pace.

We have also combined several Special Emotes–which previously were just visual variations (like Fire Punch, Wet Kick, Golden Banana, etc.)-into a single Ability. If you already own any of these, you'll unlock the Ability with its progress maintained and gain access to the updated style variations without needing to unlock them again.

Changes to Taunts and Abilities

We have disabled the use of Taunts to cancel movement. This exploit allowed players to bypass level mechanics, creating an unfair advantage in some levels.

Instead, we have integrated this behavior into specific new Abilities, such as the “Shield”, which players can unlock and use in a more controlled manner, This, and other mechanics, are now a part of the putting this mechanic, like the other mechanics, into the Abilities system.

Have a scorching day!