Hi Stumbler! Inferno Dragon here to assist you with any gameplay & feature related FAQ 🐲

Ready to put your skills to the ultimate test? Ranked is finally here! It's time to show the world what you're made of and climb the ranks from a humble beginner to a Champion Stumbler. Get set for fierce competition, epic rewards, and endless bragging rights. Let the Ranked games begin!

Our inaugural Ranked season is called "Season Zero”. Let’s dive into the details of the Ranked Mode!

Note: The availability of this feature may vary depending on your region. Some players might not see it immediately as we gradually enable it across different areas. 

Progressing Through Ranks 

Progressing through the ranks is all about earning Rank Points (RP) through your performance in ranked matches. Here's a breakdown of how you can climb the ranks:

Position: Your placement at the end of each match significantly impacts your RP. Higher positions yield more points, while lower positions–especially in higher ranks–may result in point deductions.

Rank Structure: Each rank consists of three tiers (I, II, III), starting from Wood and advancing through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Master, and Champion. You earn RP by playing ranked matches, and each rank has specific thresholds for promotion. 

Season Reset: At the end of each ranked season all players' ranks are reset to the initial rank, Wood I. This guarantees that every new season starts on an even playing field, allowing all players to compete with a fresh start.

There are also two Bonus systems to help you climb the ladder faster:

Friend Bonus: Playing with friends gives you an extra RP boost. You can claim up to three friend bonuses per day, adding a set amount to your earned RP. 
Season Boost: Returning players from previous seasons get a Season Boost multiplier, which is based on your performance in the last season, helping you climb back to your previous rank more quickly. The boost only applies until you reach your previous season’s rank.

For example, if in your previous season you attained Gold rank, when the season resets you will have an X boost multiplier that increases the RP you are awarded at match end until you reach the Gold rank again. 


  • Season boost multiplier does not take effect when your position results in negative RPs
  • Season boost multiplier stops as soon as you enter your previous season rank


The leaderboard is global, allowing you to see where you stand against the best players around the world. It displays up to 1,000 of the top players, along with your global ranking. For players that reach the Champion rank, their position will be displayed in the Ranked lobby as well as the Rewards screen.


Each Rank is divided into three tiers. Climbing up the tier grants you rewards as shown in the graphic to the right. Rewards include Stars, XP, and the new currency Ability Tokens. You will need this new currency to upgrade all new Abilities. More on that soon!

Seasonal Changes: Each new season brings exciting new opportunities for new kinds of rewards and amounts! This means that the specific rewards and amounts you can earn may change from one season to the next, keeping the competition fresh and exciting.


Matchmaking isn’t just based on Rank, Rank Points matter too. Players with a similar amount of Rank Points will be matched with each other, prioritizing and balancing for the players’ levels and of course, matchmaking time.

Ranked Matches are 1 round of 16 players, with a defined set of elimination maps in Season Zero, our first Ranked season. 

Note: When playing with Friends, matchmaking will consider the player with the highest amount of Rank Points in the party, not the host.

Additional information

No rank demotion: Once promoted to a rank, players cannot be demoted during the season. While players can move up and down the tiers within a rank, their RP will never drop below the minimum required for the highest rank they have achieved. This means that once you reach a new rank, you are secured at that level for the entire season, even if you lose matches.

First Rank: All players will remain unranked until they play their first ranked match. After this match, they are placed in Wood I and can start progressing through the ranks. After the season ends all ranks are reset to Wood I.

Rank info in your profile:  We have included a few new sections into the Player’s Profile screen, which indicate additional information related to Ranked:

  • Current Season Rank: Current Rank Tier
  • Best Season Rank: The highest Rank you've earned in any season (updated at the end of each season)
  • Rank History: Displays the accumulation of your highest earned rank from every past season (updated at the end of each season)

''Play with Friends" in Ranked mode won't be available at launch. This means you won't be able to see or access the "Play with Friends" option in the Ranked menu, at least at launch.  

Have a scorching day!