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IP Collaboration

SpongeBob SquarePants

The SpongeBob SquarePants franchise is a fun and zany animated series known for its silly humor and colorful underwater world. It all takes place in Bikini Bottom, where SpongeBob and his wacky friends have crazy adventures.

New Map

SpongeBob Dash

SpongeBob Dash is a new version of Block Dash set in the SpongeBob Squarepants universe.

It features the familiar mechanics of Block Dash with some new additions.

  • The level takes place aboard the Flying Dutchman’s ghost ship.
  • Waves will spawn explosives that detonate upon collision with players.
  • Some wooden planks on the floor are fragile and can be destroyed by explosions.
  • A water current spawns periodically, alternating between pushing players to the left and right.

The Flying Dutchman himself stands at the helm, bringing with him a new set of toys to make players' life a living hell.

  • Chest:
    • Closed Chest: The size of a regular block. Slightly pushes players.
    • Open Chest: Two blocks high. Players need to jump twice to pass over it.
  • Barrel:
    • Rotating Barrel: Pushes players on contact.
    • Explosive Barrel: Detonates upon contact with players. The explosion destroys the floor.
  • Bouncing Net: Causes players to stumble on contact.
  • Lighting Wall: Kills players on contact.

Will you survive until the end?

New Gameplay Feature

Rush Hour Teams

We hear you say you love it, so we keep on bringing’ em! Now it’s time for RUSH HOUR TEAMS!

Rally your friends for an epic face-off! Create teams in Events and Custom Parties, and clash with other groups in a fierce battle for the crown!

If a teammate gets knocked out, no problem! Use the new orbs to revive them and keep the fight going strong! Here's how:

We are pretty sure you are familiar with the TEAMS dynamics by now, but here is a refresher just in case:

  • A maximum of two (2) respawn orbs will appear on the map.
  • Each respawn orb appears in a random place of the map
  • Each respawn happens in a random amount of time after the last one was collected with a maximum of 12 seconds.
  • Collecting orbs will bring back players in the same order they have been eliminated, so they always come back in the same order they were eliminated (first out - first in)
  • You can collect orbs even if all your teammates are alive in order to make it more difficult for your rival teams to survive.



  • Eruption [UNCOMMON]
  • Apply Cold Water [UNCOMMON]
  • Soaked [UNCOMMON]
  • Water Gun [COMMON]
  • Hot Face [UNCOMMON]
  • Based [COMMON]


  • Coral Reef [MYTHIC]
  • Flowers [UNCOMMON]
  • Pineapple [LEGENDARY]


  • Man Ray [EPIC]
  • Squilliam Fancyson [LEGENDARY]
  • King Patrick [LEGENDARY]
  • Flow Fatale [LEGENDARY]
  • High Tide Cadet [RARE]
  • Sergeant Monsoon [EPIC]
  • Beachfront Behemont [MYTHIC]
  • Desert Ghost [EPIC]
  • Cpt. Democracy [MYTHIC]
  • Cosmic Phoenix [SPECIAL]
  • Doomcaller Kainalu [SPECIAL]
  • Laser Lee [LEGENDARY]
  • Lifeguard Lana [UNCOMMON]
  • Kah-Rah-Tay Sandy [LEGENDARY]
  • Fancy SpongeBob [LEGENDARY]
  • SpongeGar [SPECIAL]
  • Dream Gary [MYTHIC]
  • Original Squidward [LEGENDARY]
  • Original SpongeBob [LEGENDARY]

Taunt Animations

  • Good Shot [LEGENDARY]
  • Throwing money [EPIC]
  • Mic Drop [RARE]

Victory Animations

  • Geyser [LEGENDARY]
  • Laser Lasso [EPIC]
  • In my Bubble [EPIC]
  • Hula Dance [UNCOMMON]

Bug fixes

Battle Pass & Analytics

  • Resolved an issue preventing some users from purchasing the deluxe offer of the Battle Pass.

Time Trials Enhancements

  • Fixed an issue where records from 'Round 1' were being incorrectly saved on the Leaderboard.
  • Resolved a problem where time records were not reflecting on the Leaderboard post-gameplay.

Special Emote Updates

  • Fixed the order of rarity for special emotes to show in the correct sequence.

Levels and Gameplay Improvements

  • Corrected an error on 'Behold The Gold' where players could pass through a side wall and get eliminated.

Customization and Personalization Fixes

  • Addressed animation errors affecting special emotes on the customize menu.
  • Fixed a skin display issue in the 'Strength of Atlas' animation on the customize screen.

Shop and Commercial Features

  • Improved graphics on the 'Showboat Wheel' background image in the shop.
  • Resolved issues with non-workshop levels appearing when only "Show Workshop Maps" is enabled in Custom Party settings.

General Bug Fixes and System Updates

  • Numerous other minor fixes and adjustments have been made across various levels and gameplay mechanics to enhance overall game stability and player experience.

Patch and Fixes:

0.74.1 (All platforms except Xbox & Playstation)

  • Hit emote fails to strike and stumble the desired player in specific maps
  • Cannons do not simulate in edit/test or play mode
  • Stumbler gets launched in air if the briefcase lands on its body and user presses the jump button.
  • The special emote 'Kick' fails to boost the momentum of a user during gameplay.
  • Static emotes restrict the movement of the player in gameplay.
  • You will now see 2 event & 2 Tournament buttons, UI change.

 Have fun!