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Get ready for an electrifying update, Stumblers! Patch 0.71 introduces the thrilling Legendary Laser Dash, where you'll navigate through intense new laser waves and push your reflexes to the limit. Plus, challenge yourself with our new Time Trials feature across all game modes, and track your prowess on the new Friend Leaderboard. Dive into the action, master the lasers, and race against time in this exciting new update!

New Map

Laser Dash Legendary

Legendary Laser Dash is the second Level of this type that we are implementing in the game. As the name suggests, it is based on Laser Dash.

In this Level, players will not only face Block Dash and Legendary Block Dash waves but also encounter a new variety of unique laser waves. Simultaneously, moving lasers will spawn throughout the gameplay area, making it increasingly difficult to find a safe spot.

As time progresses, so does the difficulty. The number of lasers increases incrementally. Initially, orange lasers (the standard type) appear on the ground. First, the green lasers (the slowest) on the sides begin to move, and finally, the blue lasers on the sides (which are the fastest) come into play. At the last minute, two green lasers will appear on the ground as the final challenge.

The map can accommodate 32 players, but it is particularly recommended for 16 or 8 players (in the 2nd and 3rd rounds).

Can you discover the Pro-Moves for Legendary Laser Dash?

New Gameplay Feature

Time Trials

Welcome to a thrilling new chapter in Stumble Guys, where every tick of the clock amplifies your gaming experience. Now times are recorded in all game modes, injecting fresh, adrenaline-fueled Time Trials into your gameplay.

New Friend Leaderboard for Time Trials

Elevate your game with our new Friend Leaderboard, tracking and displaying the best times from you and your friends across all game modes (except for Custom Parties—more info about this below). See how you stack up and strive for the top with every run. The Friend Leaderboard reset seasonally.



  • Patriotic Call


  • Equalizer
  • Black Magic
  • Talon Steps
  • Poked Dolls 
  • Bird Poop


  • The Pulse
  • Neon Punk
  • Neon Blade 
  • Bald Eagle
  • Headbanger Twins
  • Buck Burner
  • Ben Lightweight 
  • Mecha Patriot
  • Gemini 
  • Voodoo Doll 
  • Dark Future
  •  Possessed 
  • Mystic Mojo
  • Belly Dancer 
  • Ghost Racer 

Taunt Animations:

  • Thinker 
  • Bubble Pipe
  • Broken Weight
  • Rainbow Puke

Victory Animations:

  • Power Snatch
  • Ad Dystopia 
  • Poke the Doll 
  • Tambourine 

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to log in with the same 'Scopely ID' on multiple devices.
  • Addressed a problem in 'Block Dash Teams' where the Level could break in the 3rd round of a Custom Party if 'Block Dash' was set as the 2nd round.
  • Corrected the loss of functionality in 'Class abilities' during their first use on the 'Behold The Gold' Level.
  • Fixed a recurring issue where bots’ artificial intelligence in 'SkyRocket Royale' Level failed to attack opponents.
  • Fixed a WebGL error when attempting to log in with Scopely ID.
  • Fixed an issue where the party host could lose their status after rejoining a party when someone else rejoined first.
  • Addressed a bug causing an 'Error' prompt when creating a Custom Party with less than 3 rounds.
  • Corrected issues with the display of text and User Interface elements across various menus and screens, improving clarity and user interaction.
  • Fixed a range of minor bugs affecting game settings, display of rewards, and interactive elements behavior across various Levels and gameplay modes.


0.71.1 (All platforms except Xbox & Playstation)

  • Addresses fixes related to Time Trials 

0.71.2 (All platforms except Xbox & Playstation)

  • Time Trials feature now available and is slowly being rolled out to all players
  • Further fixes related to Time Trials

Have Fun!