Welcome to Stumble Guys! I'm Mr. Stumble, let's check together the Patch Notes. 🗒️ 

Get ready to kick shell, Stumblers! Brace yourselves for a radical journey as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles invade the Stumble Guys realm!

But that's not all! Stay tuned for the latest addition: Block Dash Teams! Gather your crew and prepare to battle it out in team-based competition. Keep your eyes peeled for more surprises as you journey through the Stumbleverse!

IP Collaboration

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) is a beloved franchise featuring Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael, led by their wise rat sensei Splinter. These masters of ninjutsu live in the sewers of New York City, embodying themes of teamwork, friendship, and justice as they battle villains like the Shredder. Known for their love of pizza, unique and fun personalities, and slogans like "Cowabunga!" and "Heroes in a half shell, turtle power!", TMNT has inspired fans worldwide to unleash their inner ninja in epic adventures.

New Map
Turtle Tumble

Slip, slide and tumble through the sewers as you race to get home to the Turtles’ Lair.  Avoid the Foot Clan who will try to block your progress and bump you off the path. Grab a slice of pizza on the way to boost your speed and take advantage of the shortcuts to beat the rest of your friends.

With this brand new Level, we are introducing some new hazards to avoid as well as power-ups to collect:

- Avoid Foot Clan ninjas, if you hit them they will send you off your path and slow you down.
- Pick up slides of Pizza to receive a speed boost. 
- Each Pizza slice will speed you up helping you to go faster and jump further.

New Gameplay Feature
Block Dash Teams

The moment we have been waiting for has arrived. Now we can play Block Dash as a team!

Get together with your friends to play in teams of 4 in Events and teams of 2 in Custom Parties, and face off against other teams in a massive fight for the crown! 
If one of your teammates gets eliminated, fear not! The newly crafted orbs will allow you to respawn them back into the game to keep the battle going! Here is how it works:

- A maximum of 2 respawn orbs will appear on the map.
- Each respawn orb appears in a random place on the map
- Each respawn happens in a random amount of time after the last one was collected at a maximum of 12 seconds.
- Collecting orbs will bring back players in the same order they have been eliminated, so they always come back in the same order they were eliminated (first out - first in)
- You can collect orbs even if all your teammates are alive in order to make it more difficult for your rival teams to survive.


- Power Jump

Struggling with that tricky jump? Need a boost at the last moment? Look no further! Introducing the new Special Emote: Power Jump! With the Power Jump, you'll soar higher and farther with a boosted leap.

The Power Jump enables you to reach greater heights than a standard jump. Whether you combine it with a regular jump or use it on its own, you'll have the flexibility to bridge wide gaps and conquer obstacles.

Unlike standard jumps that can propel you forward, the Power Jump solely increases your vertical height. When you execute a Power Jump, your character will ascend without moving horizontally.

If you've already built up horizontal velocity from a regular jump, the Power Jump will enhance your vertical leap without affecting your horizontal motion.

Starting with a Power Jump followed by a regular jump gives you an extra boost in height. However, you can still add horizontal velocity by incorporating a regular jump afterward.

- Spicy
- Zen
- Surprised Leo
- Crazy Michelangelo
- Enlightened Donatello
- Intrigued Raphael
- Biceps Flex
- Mom's Spaghetti 


- TMNT Pizza
- Mutant Sewers
- Ninja Pizzas
- Baby Mutant Turtles 


- Donatello
- Raphael
- Michelangelo
- Leonardo
- Rocksteady
- Shredder
- TMNT Fan
- Splinter
- Bebop
- Warmmonger
- Matador
- Toxic
- Straightjacket
- Cat Lady
- Ascended Yogi
- Yoga Gal
- Karate Bill
- Guardian of El Dorado
- Jaguar Warrior
- Gal de Mayo
- Guy de Mayo
- Pink & Fabulous 
- Swollen Guy

Taunt Animations

- Soda Crush
- Paper Bag
- Cobra Pose
- Tree Pose
- Inhaler
- Turtle Wiggle
- Olé

Victory Animations

- Jarabe Tapatio
- The End is Near!
- Ninja Slice
- Pigeon Feeding
- Autobahn Kick
- Belly Dance
- Ticking Clocks

Balance Changes
- Sword Spin Emote: Cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 seconds

Bug fixes

- Corrected an audio error where Swarm of Bees footsteps were inaudible in some devices
- Resolved the issue where there was no login retry during initialization if the server failed to login for the first time.
- Fixed a bug where the host could get kicked out if they attempted to start the lobby before downloading the required maps.
- Fixed additional errors related to late joiners causing issues with the matchmaking mechanic.
- Corrected a display error on the price to indicate that it cannot be purchased if the user doesn't have enough currency to claim the reward.
- Fixed an issue where the game crashes after adding a cannon to their Workshop Level and going into Test Mode.
- Adjusted the colors on some of the Stumble Pass screen buttons to properly convey when items are claimable.
- Fixed an error that causes the Missions button to disappear from the Main Menu.
- Fixed an issue where the player was able to go inside the 'Chum Bucket' by using the Kick/Wet Kick Emote in Bucket Mayhem Level.
- Fixed a bug in MrBeast's Disco Drop Level that caused its soundtrack to not play at the start of the game.
- Fixed a bug where the player partially clips with the platform near the elevator in Abduction Avenue level.
- Other minor fixes and corrections.


0.70.1 (All platforms except Xbox & Playstation)

- Elimination HUD counter displays incorrectly. Eliminated players bug (disconnect players count twice in the Elimination counter) 
- White patch appears on the Tournament rewards screen
- Block Dash Teams

 Have Fun!