Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron is here to assist you with any gameplay-related FAQ ⚡

Since we announced back in 2023 that we would be bringing Stumble Guys to consoles many have wondered when their prefered console would have their favourite mobile game, well now it's Playstation and Playstation fans turn!

Stumble Guys will be launching on May 14th, 2024, for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5!!!

Below we have the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Will the game be Free to Play when it releases on PlayStation?

Yes, we are happy to announce that the game is free-to-play as it always been the case on all other platforms.

Do I need PlayStation Plus to play Stumble Guys?

No, as mentioned previously, the game is free-to-play online without the need of any subscription plan.

When and how do I get the pre-registration rewards?

During the first 2 weeks after the release date, you will be able to claim this free bundle by simply visiting the ''shop'' in-game.

Can I link my mobile account to my PlayStation account?

Yes, through Scopely ID (Email Scopely Account option). When you launch the game you will be presented with the option to link your existing account if you have one already. If not linked on this instance you can always find this option via the in-game ''Settings'' and by clicking on ''Connect'' by following the necessary steps.

Will cross-progression be available at launch of PlayStation?

Yes, but it is important to know that the PlayStation and the mobile/steam are on different game versions; you'll only see cosmetics and skins up until the current version. All your virtual currency will be also available (Gems & Tokens). Scopely ID (Email) is available and you'll be able to connect with your progress.

Will cross-play be available at launch of PlayStation?

No, at launch players on PS4 will be able to play with PS5 (and vice-versa) but not with Xbox or mobile until game versions are the same.

Will there be a PlayStation Starter Pack?

Yes, we will have a sweet bundle pack offer!

Will my PlayStation Starter Pack be visible on other consoles and mobile?

Yes, you can acquire this offer and having this contents visible also on other platforms. The offer itself will be exclusive to PlayStation.

Will the game be available on both PS4 and PS5?

Yes, both PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 will be able to enjoy Stumble Guys.

How will the PlayStation version be different from the mobile version?

We aim to achieve the ability to sit down and enjoy our game on the big screen on home consoles. So PlayStation launch it is really important for us so we have more players being able to enjoy our game.

What is it about Stumble Guys that makes it a good PlayStation game?

It all comes down on the ability to sit down, relax, grab your controller and enjoy Stumble Guys on the big screen specially because after the initial launch, we aim to have split-screen feature available for free for our console players on this platform.

Is there an approximate target date for split-screen feature's release?

Not yet, keep an eye out on Discord and/or on our social media so you don't miss out when this feature becomes available.

Is the split-screen going to support 2 players maximum, or more?

Split screen can be played up to 4 players.

Will there be user generated content for the PlayStation version?

For our Stumble Workshop feature, we aim to have it this year, 2024.

Will the Stumble Pass be different on PlayStation?

You will get a console version of the Stumble Pass, different to the ones on different platforms.

Why are you launching on Xbox and PlayStation first and not Nintendo Switch?

There are a lot of external factors that we considered here, in the end we decided to move forward with the releases this way so we can have everyone enjoying Stumble Guys console experience as soon as possible

When will the game be available on Switch?

The game will be available on Switch on the second half of 2024.

Can I play with mouse and keyboard on PlayStation?

No, it is not possible to play with mouse and keyboard at the moment.

Will there be trophy support and will the game feature a Platinum trophy?

Yes, we will have trophy support and a Platinum trophy as well. PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 will have each their own trophy set.

Scopely ID on Playstation:

Please be aware, Once a Stumble Account (Scopely ID) is linked to your PLAYSTATION ID, that account cannot be unlinked due to PlayStation limitations.

The only alternative is to use the PS ID account that you linked the Stumble Account with or you will need to create a brand new PS ID to be able to link your Stumble Account (Scopely ID)

Thank you for being awesome!