Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️

Who you gonna stumble with? Ghostbusters are hitting the Stumble Guys realm in this electrifying update! Get ready to collect exclusive Ghostbuster content as well as discover the multiple paths in Construction Climb, the newest Map!

Are you ready to bust some ghosts and conquer the Stumbleverse? Keep reading to find out more!
IP Collaboration:


Ghostbusters is an iconic American franchise. The original movie’s plot centers around a group of eccentric New York City parapsychologists who investigate, encounter, and capture ghosts, paranormal manifestations, demigods and demons. The Ghostbusters use a specialized set of equipment to aid in the capture and containment of ghosts. Their equipment includes proton packs, used to control and lasso ghosts; ghost traps to capture ghosts; and PKE meters, handheld devices to detect psychokinetic energy.

New Maps:

Construction Climb

The Architect has lost a vital blueprint, and it's up to you to save the construction project by reaching the summit! Embark on a thrilling race through the dizzying heights of a construction site, perched atop a skyscraper above the clouds, in Construction Climb. Navigate through a maze of girders, planks, and obstacles as you strive to be the first to reach the peak. With multiple routes and challenges, adapt your strategy to overcome the varying difficulties of this Level. Test your skills, discover secret paths, and race to help the Architect in this adventure!

Race through a construction site atop a skyscraper, with multiple routes and challenges
Discover secret paths, dodge obstacles like rolling barrels and TNT, and be the first to deliver the blueprints
Use a teleport pipe as a shortcut, but beware of wet cement which can you down
Designed for 32 players–but enjoyable with fewer–and offers varying difficulties
Can you find all 6 secret sets of chickens hidden throughout the Level?



Broken easter egg
Gnomed laugh
Gnome Life


Ghost Trap
Mole tunnel
Marshmallow Puft


Al Cluckone
Safe Scrambler
Ghostbuster Guy
Ghostbuster Gal
Astral Pegasus
Chocolate Bunny
Rebel Hop
Mini Puft
Nadeem Razmaadi
Garden Gnome
Gno’more clothes

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue that caused effects to be heard sometimes despite the plates disabling both audio options.

Fixed an error that made the game get stuck for players if they were in a party and the host left while the player was on their Emote customization screen.

Fixed an error on Yeti Yeets map where some players fell through the ground after getting hit by a snowball.

Corrected an error that caused the game to crash in Workshop Maps when lasers were set to distance 0.

Fixed an error on PAC-MAN Level that caused some players to be eliminated upon touching the Level ground on every respawn after being eliminated by a ghost.

Corrected an issue that made some Low End Devices freeze at the start of the Race for Eternia Level.

Fixed an issue that knocked players down by an invisible collision upon going from the left side of the stairs near Phase 3 of Race for Eternia.

Fixed an issue that allowed players to go out of the map upon using the Kick Emote through the trees and rock in Race for Eternia.

Fixed an error that made the MrBeast case Emote to be active for a longer time even after disappearing.

Fixed a quality issue in the friend's list that made the screen auto-scroll back to the top if the player scrolled down after reaching the bottom of the list.

Fixed a visual error that made the Water spray Emote effect remain visible when used in Burrito Bonanza level.

Corrected an error that made an invisible collision appear at the end of the Tornado Temple Map if the user targeted the Water spray Emote to a player who had already crossed the finish line.

Fixed a display error on missions that caused the game to sometimes not display the progression after completing a mission.

Fixed a display error in Custom Party codes that made the code appear blank in some cases when the player tapped on the “Cancel” button.

Other minor fixes and corrections.

Have fun!