Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️

Hello Stumblers! Update 0.65 has arrived!

Prepare to face the charismatic, yet not-so-friendly Yeti who lures Stumblers into its lair on the glacier to capture them and imprison them in cages. An avalanche of new cosmetics also awaits you, so get your snow gear ready and jump into action!
New Maps:

Yeti Yeets

Yeti Yeets is an Elimination map that takes place during an Avalanche on a snowy glacier. Players must dodge falling snowballs and breakable ice balls to avoid falling off the cliff. Periodically an Avalanche falls down one of three lanes in the slope.

As the round progresses, new types of projectiles are introduced, such as explosive bombs and bouncing balls. Avalanches become more and more difficult to dodge as well. Breakable tiles disappear when stepped on, so the layout of the map changes throughout the remainder of the round. If you stumble you can use the trampolines to bounce back to the glacier. In addition, the wind blows occasionally, pushing to the left and right, resulting in an intense and chaotic experience.

Don't let the dancing Yeti at the top of the mountain celebrate your elimination - survive and win the crown!



Crash Test


Gum Balls
Bubble Gums


UFO Redneck
Volcano Guy
Tom Foolery
Tropical Girl
Rainbow Dancer
Boxer Boxer
Love Shot
Cupid Jimmy
Crash Test Dummy
Italian Chef
Banana Bread Guy

Victory Animations:

Dodge Ball
The Crippler
Pop Singer

Taunt Animations:

Dodge Ball
The Crippler
Pop Singer

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where the Ambient music was failing to play on the editor mode of the Stumble Workshop in some cases.

Fixed an error that made some pellets not appear on some devices.

Fixed an error that prevented some users from receiving push notifications for Party Invites on their devices

Fixed an issue with throwable Special emotes passing through obstacles in Workshop maps.

Fixed the missing warning animation for when bombs are about to explode in Legendary Block Dash.

Fixed an issue where delay didn’t work properly on Workshop maps for rotating and swinging placeables.

Fixed a visual error where the grid controls became invisible after dragging a new placeable on the map if the same placeable was already in the map.

Fixed an issue that made objects height change to their original height when moved to a different position after being edited in the Workshop editor mode.

Fixed an issue where the user account fails to revert back to the previous account after signing out of Apple account

Fixed an issue where the custom music was failing to play for Pacman, Tetris Tumble, Don't Be Jelly & MrBeast's Disco Drop

Fixed an issue where the effect of the Snowball Emote was not working as expected

Fixed an issue where the Wave Count was failing to appear when spectating during the Block Dash Endless level

Fixed an issue where the Conveyor Belt HUD was failing to display in the MrBeast Dangerous Traps Level

Fixed an issue to allow the player to use the mouse to scroll in all areas of the game


0.65.1 - All Platforms (Excluding Xbox)

ScopelyID login fix
Tornado Temple Camera Stutter fix

Have fun!