Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron is here to assist you with any gameplay-related FAQ ⚡

The time has finally come, Stumble Guys is out for the first time on a home console, this console being the beloved Xbox!

Stumble Guys is launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X! on the 23rd of January 2024

Rest assured that we are working on launching the beloved PlayStation too. This is to be made available this year, so hopefully we will be able to share more details on it soon! (Stay tuned for the PlayStation release date announcement on our Discord and Socials)

With all this in mind have prepared nice FAQs so you can have all the information you need to know in regards to our console releases!

Will the game be Free to Play when it releases on Xbox?
-  Yes, Stumble Guys will be free to play when it launches on Xbox and PlayStation.

Will the game be available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch?
So far, we've confirmed Stumble Guys is coming to both Xbox and PlayStation.

New features coming with Xbox?
Yes, we are working on Local Multiplayer as part of an unique feature. Stay tuned for more!

Will any mods be available on Xbox?
- No mods will be available.

How can we get the Xbox Pre-Registration Golden Gloves Bundle? Do we need to pre-register and play on Xbox?
Players who pre-register on Xbox and PlayStation will claim the Golden Gloves Bundle which will be available for download the first 2 weeks after Stumble Guys launches.

When do I get the pre-registration rewards?
  The free bundle will be available to collect in the in-game store for 2 weeks, from the day the game is released.

Do I need Xbox Gold to play online?
According to Microsoft, Free-to-play online multiplayer games no longer require Xbox Live Gold!

Will Stumble Guys require Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold to play on the console (subscription sold separately)
According to Microsoft, Free-to-play online multiplayer games no longer require Xbox Live Gold.

Can I link my mobile and or Steam account to my Xbox account?
You bet. We want your play experience to be seamless between mobile, Steam, and console.

Will cross-progression be available at the launch of Xbox?
Yes, but please note that because of specific limitations, players will only see the cosmetics up to version 0.67.1 until we update to the mobile version.

Will cross-play be available at the launch of Xbox?
Not at the beginning! But we're working on it!

Will my Xbox Starter Pack bundle be visible on other consoles and mobile?
The cosmetics will be available on other platforms, but the offer itself will be exclusive to Xbox.

Why are you launching on Xbox first and not PlayStation or Nintendo Switch?
The validation process is simply faster on Xbox but we're working hard to bring the game to PlayStation too. Switch there is no confirmation on it being released here...yet!

How will the console version be different from the mobile version?
Some Stumblers will exclusively be available to get through console, but playable on mobile. There will also be separate Stumble Passes for console and mobile. Please note that until mobile and console versions are synced, you will notice some differences. We are working on it!

What is it about Stumble Guys that makes it a good console game?
- This is simply a new experience where you can play with your controller by default! Furthermore, you can now play with friends at home with the split-screen feature for more fun and friendly banter!

Will there be user-generated content for the console version?
It will! Stay tuned as we are working on bringing the Workshop to the Console too.

Is there support for the mouse & keyboard on Xbox?
Not at launch. We are working on it. For now, we recommend using compatible Xbox compatible controller(s)

Split Screen Feature for Xbox?

- We are happy to announce that Split Screen feature is now available on Xbox! Experience Local Multiplayer with 2/3/4 players. Each player can customize their vanity. Create local parties or join custom parties already created.

Stumble Pass on Xbox

Now that Stumble Pass has arrived on Xbox, there are some changes you need to know! Since mobile and console aren’t the same version, the Stumble Pass rewards are different on each platform. You get to choose which platform’s reward you want to claim! Make sure to pick your favorite, because once it’s claimed the other platform’s reward won’t be available. Happy stumbling and enjoy picking your Stumble Pass prizes!

Thank you for being awesome!