Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️

Hey Stumblers!

Get ready to put on your dancing shoes because the latest Stumble Guys patch is here to make you groove! The new MrBeast map is the perfect place to become the king or queen of the dance floor on a thrilling survival level. And for those who love a good race, we've got you covered with Tornado Temple, filled with multiple routes to explore on a mountain monastery-themed level.

But wait, there's more! Thanks to your feedback, we've updated the Stumble Workshop with new toys and elements for you to play around with. And if you're looking for some new threads, we've got plenty of fresh new cosmetics waiting for you to rock.

So why wait? Dive into Stumble Guys 0.64 patch notes now and let's get stumbling!

New Maps:

Mr. Beast Disco Drop!:

Are you ready for the dance floor? A 4 by 4 grid of pure funk, where your timing and survival skills will be tested to the highest level. Don’t fall and be crowned the King/Queen of dance!
There are 3 different patterns that you can get when you play this level
There are 4 different indicators to tell you which color will drop next. Can you find them all?
The buildings’ windows blink with the music, as well as the equalizers
The characters dance when they’re left to idle
You may want to play with sound on... there's a little treat for your ears!

Tornado Temple:

A Mountain Monastery themed map, where players will go on a journey to enlightenment as they face many challenges on their ascent over cloudy mountain tops.
There is more than one path to enlightenment. How many will you find?
The level provides opportunities to perform skill based shortcuts and maneuvers through its interweaving and perilous routes!
You must become a master of the wind or traverse through crumbling temples on your way to reach the summit!

New Features:

Updates to the Stumble Workshop

The Stumble Workshop is finally available in the game version of our website! Web players will also be able to create their own levels from now on. We can't wait to see what you surprise us with!
New toys and elements for your creative journey!
A bunch of new toys and new elements have been added to your workshop catalog.
The new toys and elements are Mr. Beast branded, to go with the theme of the version.
A new way to navigate through the Stumble workshop as we introduce a brand New Featured tab, where some of the coolest maps will be featured for you to discover.
The featured maps will be grouped in categories such as “Mr Beast levels” or “Levels made by the Architect” among others.
We will make sure to feature a large array of Workshop maps so get ready to browse!
Tapping on any level will open the Info Popup, which includes a Play button.
Pressing Play will take the player to the Custom Party screen.



Water Spray

This projectile-like stream of water will push back your opponents.

Cupid's Arrow

Shoot your opponents with a Cupid arrow that will stun them in love for a while.

Beast Car

Buckle up! This special emote will transform you into a racecar and accelerate you forward.

Carnival Mask
Tater Tot
Popped Bubble
Be My Valentine
Happy Valentine's Day
Love Heart
Candy Hearts
Happy Lunar New Year


Carnival Mask
Cupid Arrows
Tater Tots
Rose Petals
Dragon Flag
Lunar New Year 2024 Flag
Carnival Flag


Buff Jimmy
Broken Heart
Tater Tot
Ace of Hearts
Kavi Crankwise
T3ch N1t3
Great Wood Dragon
Wood Dragon Guy
Lover Gal
Red Envelope Guy
Ronin 27
Chocolate Strawberry
Mardi Gras
Bedazzled Beast
Beast Tank
Artic Jimmy
Ace Jimmy
Super Beast
Cinnamon Teal
Sad Mime
Carnival's Horror
Samba King

Victory Animations:

Umbrella Flip
DJ Stumble
Atomic Elbow
Paper Lantern
Lantern Fleet
Front Side Shifty
Look @
Skyway Shuffle
Level MC
Fly Like a Bird

Taunt Animations:

Umbrella Flip
DJ Stumble
Atomic Elbow
Paper Lantern
Lantern Fleet
Front Side Shifty
Look @
Skyway Shuffle
Level MC
Fly Like a Bird

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where incorrect rewards were displayed after claiming rewards in some game modes.
Fixed an issue where some players got an error message when attempting to create Custom Parties.
Fixed a visual error where some Taunt Animations failed to load correctly in the customization screen.
Fixed an error where some Victory Animations failed to load correctly in the Victory Screen.
Fixed a camera synchronization issue when shifting between spectators in Hot Wheels Yeti Run map.
Fixed an error that made some user interface elements jitter while browsing through categories in the editor mode in Stumble Workshop.
Fixed an error where the Boost Pad toy was displaying animation when duplicated in editor mode of Stumble Workshop..
Fixed other minor quality live issues.


0.64.1 - All Platforms (Excluding Xbox)

3 Skins (LunarWoodDragon, Firecracker & Gumball)


Matchmaking and Crashes
Bot behaviour in Acid Pool map

Have fun!