Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️

Get ready for some retro fun! Our latest Stumble Guys update, 'You've been Ghosted!' brings you two new, exciting maps: Acid Pool and Pac-Man Power. In the Acid Pool, test your skills to avoid the toxic liquid by stumbling around a rotating mixer. Meanwhile, Pac-Man Power takes you on a classic adventure with Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Collect Pac-Dots, Power Pellets, and fruits. Can you catch all of the ghosts and score high?

New Maps:

Acid Pool:

Elimination level that happens inside a gigantic toxic waste container
Players have to stand and jump around a rotating mixer to avoid falling into the lethal liquid
As the level progresses, the mixer rotates faster and faster, and its blades start to break apart, reducing the play area
In addition, different maintenance devices start to appear in an almost

Cinematic cycle:

Power washers
Swinging brooms
Flipping barriers
These present additional challenges and require players to adopt a different strategy in each phase

Pac-Man Power:

Stumblers have glitched into the Pac-Man maze in Pac-Man Power
This Collection level drops players into the classic Pac-Man maze with the famous ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, as well as classic Stumble Guys obstacles and a deadly glitching floor
Pac-dots are worth 10 points each
When half of the Pac-dots are collected, 4 Power Pellets worth 50 points, and 1 Fruit worth 100 points will appear
Collecting a Power Pellet will give you the Power of Pac-Man and you will be able to catch Ghosts
Catching a ghost rewards 100 points
When all the Pac-dots and Power Pellets are collected, a new Stage will begin
How many points can you collect in 3 minutes?

New Features:

Cosmetics Availability:

A new tab on the Customize screen now showcases the limited-time cosmetics, and a new button will provide clear instructions on how to get them



Force Shield

The Emote will make you "un-stumbleable"
Anything that would normally stumble your character will not work while you're protected with the force shield
You can still be moved/pushed by obstacles and other interactions
The Emote doesn't make you immune or invulnerable
Anything that would normally kill you on any map will still kill you even if you have the Force Shield active
Corgi Floof


Power Pellet
Waka Waka


The Architect
Pac Fan
Pac Fan
Power Pellet
Sloppy Floppy
Pop Top
Mr Nibbs
Horned Privateer
Ducker Punch
Disc Diva
Groove Blaster
Tape Pal
Control Freak
Emperor Taco
Soda Guy
French Fries
A-track player
Zombie Banana

Victory Animations:

Game Over
Power Up

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an the issue where some players got stuck in the Logging in screen.
Fixed an issue where the Event lobby became unresponsive after tapping on the leaderboard event with bots on the leaderboard.
Fixed an issue where users were not able to claim rewards from the leaderboard.
Fixed a bug where the Direction arrow became invisible during the Barbie Dream Dash match.
Fixed an issue where some players got stuck in the map or reward screen after qualifying or being eliminated from events.
Fixed an issue where in rare cases where user-created maps in My Workshop Creation section were replaced by the map added using the Share Code.
Fixed a visual error where Milestone bar was still displaying as unclaimed after claiming 4th milestone.
Fixed some errors in Workshop toy customization.
Fixed a visual error where skins background color changes when tapping it on offers tiles.
Fixed other minor quality live issues.


0.63.1- All Platforms (Excluding Xbox)

Fixes for ANR & Crashes
various other in game fixes

0.63.2 - All Platforms (Excluding Xbox)

Fix for the Steam crashes
Internal Logs for loading issues

Have fun!