Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️

Hello Stumblers! Lets take a look at what our new patch has instore for you all! 

New Maps:


New elimination map

Stumble Guy's and Tetris welcome you to an all new exciting level!
Are you good at Tetris? Do you think you have what it takes to win? Pit your Stumble Guy's skills vs. the Tetris AI!
The Tetris AI generates a completely brand new game of Tetris every single time, so no two games on the Tetris map will ever be the same
Can you survive line clears and other hazards?
Check it out now!

Hot Wheels Yeti Run:

New kart racing map

All hot wheels cars have the exact same speed and mechanics They only have different colours
Brrrr! It's getting cold outside, so start the engines, turn up the heat and burn some rubber
Race in a winter themed Hot Wheels tracks go through death defying loops and take corners at angles never seen before.
Make the jump and race towards a terrifying finish line!

New Features:

Special Emote Filter for Custom Parties
You now have the ability to decide which emotes will be allowed to be used in Custom Parties



Toss A Block
Nothing says "hey you get out of my way" like a Tetronimo to the head
Check out the brand new emote and stumble your opponents by hitting them with a thrown Tetronimo
Brain Freeze!!!
The End


Burn Rubber
Ford Flag
Checkered Flag
Flower Power


Tetris Arcade
I Block
L Block
T Block
Z Block
Tetris Stumbler
Tetris Block Stumbler
New Year
2023 Ford Mustang Guy
Ford Stumble Guy
Classic Ford Truck Guy
Ford Racing Guy
Ice Cream
Hoodie Bandit

Victory Animations:

Giddy Up
The Bow
The Sprinkler
Right Left Slide
Mosh Pit

Taunt Animations:

Giddy Up
The Bow
The Sprinkler
Right Left Slide
Mosh Pit

Bug Fixes:

Custom Parties:

Fixed the issue where the "Play" button only becomes active if a Secondary Player joins and leaves the Custom Party
Fixed the issue where Nerf levels are unplayable in Custom Party if Bucket Mayhem is selected for Round 1

Rewards Screen:

Fixed the issue where several errors are displayed when claiming shards and reward boxes rewards
Fixed the issue where player gets stuck on the rewards screen
Fixed the issue where rewards are piled up on the left side of the screen

Stumble Workshop:

Fixed the issue where entering play mode or saving will show the popup shadow and the game gets stuck, losing all interaction


Fixed several errors displaying when claiming shards and reward boxes rewards
Fixed the issue where sometimes, players will get stuck on the rewards screen


Fixed the issue where the player can't buy gems or stumble coins
There would be the error: "There is another item being processed" displayed


Fixed the issue where players get randomly thrown out of the gameplay with an error pop up displayed on the main menu
Fixed the issue where race maps don't have correct number of qualified players on round 2

Patches: 0.61.1 & 0.61.5 (All platforms) 

- Icon Change: Tetris
- Stability improvements

Have fun!