Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️ 

Hey there, Stumblers! We've got some exciting news for you! Get ready to discover a new game mode under the sea in the new SpongeBob SquarePants map! For the first time in Stumble Guys, we present a Contagion level, where you must dodge becoming a BucketHead. So keep your wits about you!

But that's not all! Stumble Up is back... now with the addition of checkpoints! 🤯 The falls won't hurt as much, but the challenge remains just as big. So, are you up for it?

Brace yourselves for some epic stumbling action!

New Maps:

StumbleUp EZ

Did you try Stumble Up? Was it too hard or do you just want to practice? Well, don't worry we've got your back! Try out StumbleUp EZ - all the fun of the original Stumble Up, but now with checkpoints to help you recover if and when you fail!

Bucket Mayhem

NEW game mode!

Everyone is enjoying & celebrating at 124 Conch Street. However, Plankton plans to crash the party and convert every citizen in Bikini Bottom into a BucketHead in order to obtain the secret recipe of the Krabby Patty! Only the Cooks stand in their way…

Use your spatula to defend yourself and avoid becoming a BucketHead! If you fail to do so, don't worry, Plankton has promised to remove the Bucket once you give it to 3 other cooks.

Navigate through the crashed party and avoid getting caught for as long as you possibly can!

New Features:

Stumble Pass Themes
The Stumble Pass will now have event-related themes
A new button to access the Stumble Pass will be added to the shop



Snow Ball Throw [Special]

It’s getting chilly out there! Enjoy the fun of freezing your friends and opponents with the new Snowball emote. Throw a snowball and hit them to freeze and slow them down.
The snowball is a single target throw. When it hits a player it freezes them in place briefly then slows them down for a bit (slow down is 50% of normal movement)


Merry Christmas Flag
Happy Holidays Flag
Xmas Light Flag
Candy Cane Pop Up
Colorful Candle Pop Up
Present Pop Up
Singapore Trail


Cali Roll
Spicy Roll
Wasabi Crab Roll
Dragon Roll
Bad Cookie Guy
Bad Buck
Teddy Bear
Good Gabby
Sugar Plum Fairy
Ninja Peel
Cow Onesie

Victory Animations:

Tetris Puzzle
Gift Giving
Snowball Fight
Lump of Coal
TechnoGoth Dance
Money Trees Dance
Eyes Off You Dance
Ting Dance
Oh Yeah Oh Yeh Dance

Main Bug Fixes:


Fixed the issue where the 'LT' and 'RT' trigger keys fail to assign emotes as an input button for the controller on Steam


Fixed the issue where players were able to go out of the level boundaries by using jump through Jellyfish in Don’t Be Jelly

Fixed the issue where players spawned high above the starting platform in UFOMG! and being unable to move

Fixed the issue where players would be able to stand on the sinking barrels in Sharkmuda Triangle beneath the water throughout the round by hopping on the glacier and using animated emotes at the same time

Fixed the issue that caused the game and interface on Android devices to run at 30 fps, regardless of the frame rate limit

Fixed the issue where a popup error would occur and the game would crash when joining different server regions in Custom Game and Normal Game

Fixed the issue where during winning animation if the user puts the app in the background and returns to the game, they will get a disconnected pop-up and lose all their rewards

Fixed several issues that took place at the Workshop


Fixed the issue where during the winning animation screen, if the player puts the game in the background of their device and returns to the game, they will get a disconnected pop-up and lose all their rewards


Fixed several errors displaying when claiming shards and reward boxes rewards

Fixed the issue where sometimes, players will get stuck on the rewards screen


Fixed the issue where the game becomes unresponsive if a player clicks the claim later button while collecting the tournament tickets as a weekly reward

Fixed the issue where the Weekly Objective is misaligned to the left on the Missions screen.


Fixed the issue where an error pop-up occurs and the game gets stuck upon joining the different server regions on Custom Party and Normal


Fixed the issue where the keyboard bindings reset back to default, after relaunching the game. Also fixed for Steam


0.61.5 (All platforms)

25 Skins (Mr. Beast Holiday themed)

16 Emotes (Mr. Beast Holiday themed)

0.61.6 (All platforms)

Stability improvements (Crashes, Ads)

Bug fixes

Have fun!