Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron here to assist you with any gameplay related FAQ ⚡ 

The  "Stumble Workshop" is a new feature where our Stumblers will be able to create and play some wacky crazy levels and do other UGC creations (User Generated Content)

This feature can be found main home screen (ensure you have the latest game version to see it):

Tapping this will take you inside the Workshop where you can see Featured levels, your Favourite and Recently played levels, and your own creations. Tap the Create button when you’re ready to start building. Enter a title and optional description for your level, pick a template to start from and get to building.

Stumble Workshop overview:

  • Create levels with items from the catalog
  • Test and Preview your creation before publishing
  • Use level codes to share your levels with other players
  • Play created levels in custom parties
  • Find featured levels in the Workshop

If you have some questions regarding this brand new feature don't worry, we got you! Below you can see more in detail what this feature is bringing to the game:

Can players share their custom levels with others?
- Absolutely! When a player finishes creating their level and publishes it, they’re given a level code that they can copy to their clipboard and share with other players. Once another player has the level code they can enter it in the game and play the level in custom parties

What's the maximum player capacity for custom levels?
- Any level that’s created with Stumble Workshop will be playable in custom parties with up to 32 players.

Are there any rewards or incentives for creating/playing custom levels?
- There are no rewards in the first release of the Stumble Workshop but we are exploring incentive programs to reward the creators of the most popular content, and we will be integrating UGC levels into Events and Tournaments, which will allow players to earn rewards for playing those levels.

How many obstacles are there?
There are 33 items in the catalog. These are made up of:
- Toys: dynamic items like spinning beams and cannons
- Block: static items that can be used to build terrain and barriers
- Objects: items that can be dropped in levels likes balls and moveable cubes
- Triggers: items that have a functional purpose, like finish lines and checkpoints.

We’ll be adding more items of all types in future updates.

How do players discover/search the custom levels?
- In the first release there will be a selection of levels made by ourselves in the Featured tab of the Stumble Workshop. We will also be looking to feature exciting new levels across our social channels. In later releases we will be expanding the Featured tab to make it the number one place to go to find great content, and giving players search functionality to find the sorts of levels that interest them.

Can players collaborate with others to create custom levels?
- Players will not be able to collaborate in the first release. However, we are exploring different approaches to how players can work together to build levels.

What happens if a player disconnects while making a custom level?
- We frequently autosave for just this scenario. When a player returns to the editor after being disconnected and reopens the level they will be presented with a popup asking them if they want to load the changes that were autosaved. We also have a Save button, which players can press to save the current state of their level.

What is the Height and Width limit?
- The actual values for the limits won’t really mean much to anyone not familiar with the engine that the game is built in. However, if you imagine a level like Cannon Climb, this would comfortably fit inside the space available in the editor. In fact, you could stack Cannon Climb on top of itself multiple times, so you’ll have the space to build exciting vertical levels as well. There’s enough space to build that each existing level in the game would fit.

Are custom levels Cross Platform?
- The Stumble Workshop will be available on mobile and Steam. All levels created on mobile will be playable on Steam, and vice versa.

Will custom levels be in normal map rotation?
- No. In the first release custom levels will only be playable in custom parties. In future releases we will introduce UGC levels to specific Events and Tournaments, but we currently have no plans to introduce UGC levels to the normal map rotation.

What is the time limit for custom levels?
- All custom levels have to be able to be completed within 3 minutes before they can be published. In future updates we will give players more flexibility over this time limit, so they can create larger levels if they want to.

What is next for this awesome new feature, here are just some of the possibilities:

- New toys and objects in the catalog, and new ways to customize them
- New modes, like being able to create elimination levels
- New functionality to help creators communicate to other players
- Expanding the tab of the Workshop to make it the top place to go to find the most exciting new levels
- Adding levels from the Workshop into Events and Tournaments
- We’re also exploring how we can reward creators for producing the most popular content.

This just the beginning of the Stumble Workshop. We know that our players' imaginations are limitless, and we’re already making plans for how to expand the Workshop in future updates, keep an eye out for more!

Thank you for being awesome!