Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️

Welcome to Bikini Bottom! 

It's your first shift over at the Krusty Krab, and you're going to be late.
Race through iconic SpongeBob SquarePants landmarks such as the Jellyfish Fields, Mustard Mines, and the Airport Lighthouse as you dash to work, but beware of the stinging Jellyfish and snapping Clams you'll encounter along the way.
Make use of the Bubbles that can be found dotted throughout the level to float over gaps or access useful shortcuts.

Now get moving!

New Feature - Stumble Workshop:

Statement from the Stumble Guys Game Team:

We’re really excited to open the Stumble Workshop to our players, letting them create exciting new levels to share and play with each other. In our first release of the Workshop, creators will be able to build race levels but we’ll be expanding what’s possible in the Workshop in future updates. We know that the possibility of being able to create levels is exciting for our players, and we can’t wait to see what they create!

Please checkout our full FAQ for the Stumble Workshop.



Sweaty Grin
Handsome Squidward
Surprised Patrick
Surprised SpongeBob
Diwali Candle
Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull
Sugar Skull


Crop Dusting
Bloody Footprints
Autumn Leaves
Thanksgiving Steps
Diwali Steps
Dia De Los Muertos Steps
Diwali Fireworks
Marigold Pops
Thanksgiving Dinner Steps


Patrick Star
Goofy Goober
Mrs. Puff
Robot SpongeBob
Diwali Gal
Thanksgiving Dinner
Diwali Guy
Puddin' Head
Milk Tea Boba
Zarkaan The Destroyer
Gigaton Phisher
Erryrl 401

Bug Fixes:


Fixed the eyes missing from Orbit skin
Fixed Shark Chase and Neon Beam footsteps appearing misplaced around the character when using the tiny bike taunt
Fixed the character appearing transparent during the Alien Abduction victory animation
Fixed the excess shine for the Alpha Peel skin in kart racing maps
Fixed the flickering square patch that appears when equipping the Invisibility emote for the Free Spirit skin on the customize screen


Fixed the missing collision on the edges of the left and right side stones at the starting point of the Abducted Avenue map
Fixed the 'Use' button getting grayed out after tapping on it and closing the 'Select Emote Slot' popup
Fixed the collision that was missing between the character and the Burrito roll when the character stands at the extreme corners in the sauce traps area on the Burrito Bonanza map
Fixed the FPS drops on experienced on low end devices when playing The Other Side map

Customize Menu:

Fixed the lightning effect not being visible on the Victory screen for Zeus’s Thunder animation


Fixed the incorrect UI of the Scopely Login button on Steam

Friends List:

Fixed the issue where Device B doesn't receive push notifications for friend requests sent from Device A while playing party mode

 Patch Notes 0.60.1: 

- Stumble Workshop! (UGC)

 Patch Notes 0.60.2: 

- Bug fixes (Ads, wheels & mission rewards)

Have fun!