Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron here to assist you with any gameplay related FAQ ⚡

Prize boxes are a new addition in which we hope players will enjoy more diverse ways to obtain the wonderful wacky content that Stumble Guys has to offer!

The main goal here is to have:

- A new way to obtain cool Stumble Guys in-game content.
- A way to reward players by creating an exciting mysterious experience!
- Multiple rewards or Rare reward(s) depending on which box players choose to open.

Prize Boxes - Where can players get them:

- Shop
- Stumble Pass
- Tournaments
- Events

Example of a Prize box as a reward in an event:

Prize Boxes:
Spend your gems, tokens & or LTC  in order to have the opportunity to unlock:

- Gems
- Stumble Tokens
- Shards
- Skins
- Emotes, animations, footsteps
- Tournament tickets

Prize boxes are divided into:
- Regular Prize Boxes
- Stumble Boxes
- Seasonal Boxes (Name will vary depending on the content)

1. Regular Prize Boxes:
No names for the different sizes but the bigger and pretty they look, the rarer the rewards inside of them will be.

  2. Stumble boxes:
These reward boxes will provide the players the opportunity to spend Stumble tokens on exclusive content available only in the shop.

3. Seasonal Boxes:
- Prize boxes like Halloween prize boxes, or other important events would be in this category.  and will be called Seasonal Boxes.
- These boxes could be part of Stumble Pass, Events milestones, Tournament milestones whenever they fit the theme.

Note: Prize Boxes names & or appearance may change over time. We may also have dedicated IP prize boxes depending on the theme.

Thank you for being awesome!