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In the 0.57 update you will see a new addition in the Tournaments system; Tickets!

These new currencies are an alternative to gems, specifically for entering New Tournaments. You will be able to pick them up in various locations throughout Stumble Guys:

- Stumble Pass
- Events 
- Weekly Objective in Daily Mission
- Tournament Seasonal Rewards 

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There are currently two Tickets available for players to collect and use, split by two of the rarities that you are all familiar with.

Captura de pantalla 2023-09-26 152147.jpg

There are of course more rarities than this, and you may see other Tickets in more exciting New Tournaments in the future!

When you attempt to enter a New Tournament after Tickets are added to the game, you will either:

- Be able to use your Ticket to enter if you have the right Ticket available (see Ticket balances in the Tournament Menu), OR,
- Be able to enter Tournaments using gems as you have already done in previous versions, if you don’t have the right Ticket available.

For your convenience, you can see what the required Ticket for a Tournament is in the top left corner of the Tournament Card, as well as the fact that gems are always an alternative.

TICKETS FAQ How do I use Tickets? Tickets can be spent in New Tournaments to enter, as opposed to using gems to enter. If you do not have the right Ticket available, gems can still be used to enter.

Where can I get Tickets? Tickets can be found throughout Stumble Guys, particularly in the Stumble Pass, Events rewards, Weekly Objectives in Daily Mission and Tournament Seasonal Rewards.

Why are Stumble Guys adding Tickets? Tickets will let more players engage with the New Tournaments, and offer opportunities to boost your Tournament Season progression. The system also allows for exciting new opportunities in the future, with more exclusive Tournaments! Stay tuned for more.

How do Ticket caps work? The caps on Tickets encourage you to use your Tickets. When the capacity is full, you will not be able to earn more Tickets; warning popups will alert you that you will not gain more Tickets if you attempt to do so. Tickets will overflow if Tickets are acquired from a purchase (i.e., you will have more than the cap), but all other places where Tickets are acquired will not be claimable until you use Tickets and reduce your Ticket balance.

I can see Ticket currencies on the New Tournaments menu, but can’t find them in the game. The Tickets system will be released with update 0.57, but will not be available until Tournament Season 11 kicks-off.

Will Tickets make it more difficult for me to enter Tournaments? No; you as a player will still be able to enter with gems if you don’t have the right Ticket. Tickets allow you to enter without using your gems, but once you have run out of Tickets gems are available for use.

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