Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️

Trick or treat! With this update, we bring you in the next days a new elimination map, lots of Halloween-inspired stumblers, amazing events, and more! Also, we're introducing new Tournament Tickets - read more below!

New Maps 

The Other Side

Elimination Map - Why did the chicken cross the road?

In The Other Side, players have 5 lives to survive for as long as they can in busy traffic in this city in the sky. Being run down or falling off the road will cause you to lose a life. The vehicles won't slow down for you - they need to deliver items, transport construction materials, and carry people to other parts of the Stumbleverse!

Waves of traffic are randomly generated so you'll never play the exact same challenge twice. It's always quick and chaotic, so you'll need to think fast and plan ahead. Use the obstacles and hazards on the vehicles and on the road to your advantage.
Are you brave enough, or are you chicken?



Smurfette [Epic]
Papa Smurf [Mythic]
Jokey Smurf [Legendary
Storm Smurf [Mythic]
Willow Smurf [Legendary]
Blossom Smurf [Epic]
Lily Smurf [Epic]
Grouchy Smurf [Legendary]
Hefty Smurf [Epic]
Dracula Smurf [Epic]
Smurfette Sugar Skull [Legendary]
Skeleton Handy [Legendary]
Smurf [Epic]
Pinkee [Special]
Cthulhu Girl [Special]
Nosferatu [Epic]
Sick Boy [Legendary]
Jinx [Epic]
Mothman [Legendary]
Splurgoth [Special]
Sugar Skull Mariachi [Legendary]
Sugar Skull Catrina [Legendary]
Sugar Skull Bull [Mythic]
Grim Reaper [Epic]
Cute Grim Reaper [Epic]
Death The Destroyer [Special]
Creepy Zombie [Epic]
Frankenstein Bride [Legendary]
Astro Scorpio [Mythic]
Plague Doctor [Epic]
Scary Gargoyle [Legendary]

Victory Animations:

Possessed [Legendary]
Maniac Killer [Legendary]
Witchs Brew [Legendary]
Zombie Dance [Legendary]
Heart Stake [Legendary]
Blah Blah [Legendary]
Jokey Explosion [Legendary]

Taunt Animations:

Possessed [Legendary]
Maniac Killer [Legendary]
Witchs Brew [Legendary]
Zombie Dance [Legendary]
Heart Stake [Legendary]
Blah Blah [Legendary]
Jokey Explosion [Legendary]


Smurfette [Epic]
Smurf Kiai [Uncommon]
Smurferous Pow [Uncommon]
Smurf Go Blue [Uncommon]
Ghost [Common]
Boo [Common]
Bats And Moon [Uncommon]

Special Emote:
Beast Lightning [Special] This is a quick emote with a short activation phase. When activated, the Stumbler will raise his hand and throw a lightning bolt directly in front of him that will land a distance in front of the Stumbler. The lightning bolt will generate an Area Of Effect on the ground when the lightning bolt lands, that will stumble any Stumbler who is within that Area of Effect.

New Tickets in Tournaments

In the 0.57 update you will see a new addition in the Tournaments system; Tickets!

These new currencies are an alternative to gems, specifically for entering New Tournaments. You will be able to pick them up in various locations throughout Stumble Guys:

Stumble Pass
Weekly Objective in Daily Mission
Tournament Seasonal Rewards
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There are currently two Tickets available for players to collect and use, split by two of the rarities that you are all familiar with.

Patch notes 0.57.1:

Addresses visual issues in some cosmetics/customisation items

0.57.9 MrBeast Special

MrBeast is back for round 2!

In this latest patch we are treated to a new level! And new cosmetics.

MrBeasts Dangerous Traps!

In this map you need to get to the end as quickly as possible, sounds easy enough? Well this map will push you to your limits, lasers, boulders, spikes under big falls!! This is not a map for the faint of heart, are you a real beastly champion??



Astronaut Jimmy
Jimmy Explorer
Shogun Jimmy
MrBeast Racer
Jail Time Jimmy
Pizza Box Jimmy
Jimmy Money Board


Beast Firecracker
Jimmy Saying


MrBeast Golden Pizza


Beast Firecracker (Victory)
Beast Firecracker (Taunt)

Have fun!