Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️

Let's see what we have in store for you in our latest game version!

In this update, we are adding two new levels that will push your skill to the limit! We also have exciting in-game events to allow you to obtain all that MrBeast content you want!

New Levels: 

Crab’s Landing

Prepare for a brand new level that will transport you to a plane crash site, where you’ll navigate through obstacles to reach the legendary Crab King - an ancient hero who’s here to save the day! Keep your eyes peeled and stay alert: the water levels rise, and the path to the coveted Crab King is fraught with danger!

Ice Caramba

This new level takes you to new heights - quite literally! Not only does it include the original Icy Heights slope, but also brand new obstacles, routes, and speed to keep your adrenaline pumping! Be cautious - things can get a little dicey with new challenges that await you! From dodging obstacles to blazing through new routes, the new Icy Heights slope is bound to take your breath away!


MrBeast’s Olympiad

Start Date - Aug 17
End Date - Aug 24

Prehistoric Event

Start Date - Aug 24
End Date - Aug 28

Beastly Ending

Start Date - Aug 28
End Date - Sept 1



Gamer (Mythic)

Patch notes 0.54.0 - 0.54.2

Invisibility Hack on Steam using Mods

Red Bomb Size on Block Dash

Icon revert from Mr Beast to Stumble Guy

Disconnection fixes.

Have fun!