Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron here to assist you with any gameplay related FAQ ⚡ 

We are introducing a brand new way to earn in-game cosmetics items called ''Shards''.

We believe this to be a great way for players to unlock those precious stumblers that you always wanted, it will make you want to explore all corners of the StumbleVerse in other to obtain those shards!

Shard System Overview:   

  1. The shard system allows you to collect shards that can be exchanged for Stumblers.  You can unlock cosmetics by collecting shards specific to each item:
  2. Each Stumbler will require a different amount of shards based on its rarity. It also mentions were you can obtain the said shards:
  3. You are able to track progress towards unlocking any shard based cosmetic:

  4.  After collecting all the shards required, the cosmetic will be unlocked for you and added to your customization inventory:

 You can earn shards throughout the entire game via a ton of different avenues:
• Wheels
• Offers
• Stumble Pass
• (New) Tournament(s)
• Events
• Missions

What if I get duplicate shards on for cosmetics I already own?
- Any excess shards are treated as “duplicates” if you have already attained all the requisite number of shards to complete the cosmetic
- With each duplicate shard you receive, every excess shard will count as EXP in your Duplicate Bank
- The Duplicate Bank provides you with additional rewards:


Note: We know change can be a bit overwhelming. So, we're gradually introducing the shard system. At first only a group of skins will be sharded. We will be listening to your feedback to fine-tune the system based on what you think.

We want to enhance your gaming experience and make your progress more rewarding. So, go ahead and explore the shard system. You'll see that it adds a whole new dimension to your Stumble Guys adventure.

Thank you for being awesome!