Welcome to Stumble Guys! Mr. Stumble here, let's check together the Patch Notes 🗒️

Let's see what we have in store for you in our latest game version!

New Level: Barbie Dream Dash
The level is played in phases with a number of players being eliminated each phase.
The number of phases will depend on how many players there are in the round. Typically 3 to 5.
All players are instructed to collect an item and bring it back to the lounging NPCs in the middle of the map.
There are not enough customers for all players. When all customers have been delivered to, any players who haven't delivered an item is eliminated.
When enough players are eliminated, the round is over.

New Level: Sharkmuda Triangle 
Elimination Map
Players will start on a boat, and after a certain amount of time, the boat will explode.
Players will have to jump off onto barrels and other debris in the water to survive for as long as they can.
Exciting Visuals, featuring debris from other Stumble Guys levels like Turbo Temple and Abduction Avenue.
The Barrels will sink as the players try to survive; survive the longest to take home the win!

Daily Goals and Missions

A daily mission is a recurring objective that players can complete once per day to earn different rewards
Missions reset every 24 hours. Players can re-roll a mission using a set amount of gems (gem amount for re-roll varies per mission type)
Each daily mission has its own reward, and once completed, the player can collect their reward.
There will be a milestone gauge that will fill as the player completes missions. Once a certain amount of missions are completed, the player can claim their milestone reward
If players have completed all their daily missions, they can unlock more per day using gems
All missions are tagged by a type to make sure the player has different and unique challenges to complete!

There will be 10 different types of missions, e.g.:

Play X matches
Reach X [Round] Y times
Play X [Game Type] matches
Collect X amount of Y currency
Spin X wheel Y times
Watch X amount of rewarded videos
Spend X amount of Y currency
Obtain X amount of Y currency
Play X [Tournament-Type] Matches
Obtain an X rarity skin

Mission Rewards:

Players can get the following types of rewards from completing missions:
Weekly Bar Points
Currencies - Limited Time Currencies, Stumble Tokens and Gems!
Stumblers - Along with other cosmetics
Battle Pass Stars

New Emote Cooldowns:

After the use of any emote, a 3 second cooldown will be placed until the player can use another emote.
Canceling emotes (Taunts) will not refresh the cooldown. Meaning they cannot be spammed anymore.

Special Emotes have their own Custom Cooldowns:

Punch -> 4s
Kick -> 4s
Banana -> 3s
Hug -> 5s
Ball -> 6s

New Cosmetics


Barbie (on beta called Barbie): Legendary
Barbie (on beta called Brooklyn): Legendary
Ken: Legendary
Sparkle Barbie: Mythic
Sparkle Ken: Mythic
Barbie Fan Guy: Special



 0.52.1 - 0.52.3

Fix disconnections issues
Minor bug fixes

Have fun!