Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron here to assist you with any gameplay related FAQ ⚡ 

There is a new way of earning gems, we present you the new ''Earn Free Gems'' function (Ads Offer Wall).  

This can be accessed through the Shop and can be found in ''Extras'' tab. This will be a new feature similar to ''spinning wheel'' where you will have to watch ads in order to complete the offers to earn rewards.

How It Works:  
- If the player has an Offer Wall reward to claim, a red dot will appear to upper right of the word EXTRAS and a numerical badge will appear on the top left of the offer wall tile indicating how many completed offers a user still has to claim rewards for.  

- Tapping the button used to access the offer wall, will trigger a pop-up that shows all rewards for completed offers in list form.

- Players can tap a Claim All button to collect all the rewards and then be taken into the offer wall. The red dot will be cleared.

- If the user clicks the X button or closes out of the app, dot/badge will remain and they will not be taken into the offer wall. This pop up will re-appear the next time they tap to enter the on the offer wall. Users must click "claim all" on this pop up to move onto completing more offers.

- To complete offers players will have to watch ads.

-  When a user closes out of the offer wall, we will present a similar blue pop up with the message saying ''there may be a delay for the reward to become available''.

Thank you for being awesome!