Hi Stumbler! Inferno Dragon here to assist you with any gameplay related FAQ 🐲

We heard you want to be the best Stumbler in the universe, don't worry so we got you covered!
In order to have an easy and accesible way for you to practice without going against other real life players, follow this:

1. On your home screen, go to ''Party''  
2. Select ''Custom Party''
3. You can choose to practice by yourself or with AI bots
3.1 Alone Practice: Ensure that ''max players'' is set to 1
3.2. Tick the box ''Fille Open Positions with AI Stumblers''  and select the amount of AI bots you want in ''max players''
4. Choose how many rounds and which specific map you want to practice on
5. Choose ''create'' and hit ''play''
6. All done, you can now become the Ultimate Stumbler 

Alternatively you can follow the video availble on our official website: https://www.stumbleguys.com/tip/how-to-practice

Have a scorching day!