Stumblers! Welcome to the new update, Rocket Jump Madness. With this new update, you'll get a brand new map, a thrilling collection tournament, tons of cool customizations, creator codes, and more!

We bring you high-flying action that's not for the faint of heart! Take on your opponents, collect coins, and show off your Rocket Science skills as you dominate the skies.

Creator Codes  

We're excited to announce our new Creator Code program! Currently in Beta launch. With Creator Codes, you can support your favorite creators worldwide. Creator Codes allow you to show love and appreciation for your favorite creators around the world. By using their unique code when you purchase in-game cash offers, you'll give them a percentage of that sale and help them continue to create awesome content.

New Map - Skyrocket Royale Level

Welcome to Skyrocket Royale, Stumblers!

Are you ready to test your jumping and dodging skills like never before? Rockets will be coming at you from all directions, and it's up to you to soar through the air and dodge them like a pro. But that's not all - bouncing rockets and trampolines will take your game to the next level and launch you into the stratosphere!

Skyrocket Royale will be available in New Tournaments and Custom Parties!

New Tournament - Rocket Showdown

With the release of Skyrocket Level, we present you with a new collection tournament; Rocket Showdown! Prepare your best collection skills; things are about to get serious! Stay tuned for more information.


20 New Stumblers

Non Binary
Wind Elemental
Laser Shark
Ninja Helicopter
Liquid Rainbow

3D Movie

Jetpack Jack
Bright Angel
Pixel Orbit
Cherri Bear
Razzi Bear
Pineapple Bear
Gummy Bara
Golden Robo
Jade Nian Beast
Metal Goblin Mech
Metal Viking

4 New footsteps

Sunglass Sun
Shark Chase

7 New Emotes

Burning Heart
Twisted Face
3D Glasses
No Cake

Stumble pass - coming 02/06/23

Patch release: 02/06/2023 (0.49.1) 
- Bug fixes: Disconnection issues

Have Fun!