Hi Stumbler! Nurse Joy here to assist you with any Account related FAQs 📒  

The anwser is yes! We are happy to announce Scopely ID is now available for our players that are on the latest version of the game.  

This is a new way to log-in into Stumble Guys which will allow you to backup your account and use your account on different devices (Google, Apple, Steam & Web).

As an example we have added a few images on how to create a new Scopely ID or Login with an existent ID
(Note: Steps might slightly change depending on the device you are using)

If the account is set as Minor, this option might not be available, depending on region/country.

Once registered and logged in with your email, you can easily have the game on a different/new device. Since your progress has been saved, you can jump right into the action where you left off. 

Additionally, you can also logout and link a new account to Scopely ID again in case you wish to start fresh or linked the wrong account.

Switching between multiple devices has never been easier!

 Always a joy to help!