Hi Stumbler! Nurse Joy here to assist you with any Account related FAQs 📒  

The anwser is yes! We are happy to announce Scopely Account ID is now available for our players that are on the latest version of the game.  

This is a new way to login into Stumble Guys which will allow you to backup your account and use your account on different devices (Google, Apple, Steam, Web, Console).

As an example we have added a few images on how to create a new Scopely ID or Login with to an existent Scopely Account ID

1. Click on ''Connect'':

2. Choose the email ''Login'' option:

3. Type in your desired email to sign in or the create a Scopely ID Account:

4. Open your email inbox (example with Gmail below) and follow the steps:

5. A screen with the option to ''Logout'' will appear sign in/link was successful:

 (Note: Steps might slightly change depending on the device you are using) 

Once registered and logged in with your email, you can easily have the game on a different/new device. Since your progress has been saved, you can jump right into the action where you left off. 

Additionally, you can also logout and link a new account to Scopely ID again in case you wish to start fresh or linked the wrong account. Switching between multiple devices has never been easier!

Scopely ID Account on:

Xbox (Series S & Series X)
For Xbox players that want to unlink their Scopely Account ID after having set one up already, you will be required to contact our Customer Support:

- You can do this via: Web Chat, In-app Chat (Android or iOS). 
- Alternatively, on console, we have also added in-game QR Code functionality inside the ''Settings'' menu that will direct you to our Support:

(Use a mobile device connected to the internet then scan the QR code and you will be directed to our   support page where you can use the chat widget in the bottom right corner in order to get in touch with Customer Support)

PlayStation (PS4/PS5)
On PlayStation, Stumble Guys account deletion is not possible, for data deletion request please contact us regarding ''Privacy Policy''

Once a Stumble Account (Scopely ID) is linked to your PLAYSTATION ID, that account cannot be unlinked.

The only alternative is to use the PS ID account that you linked the Stumble Account with or you will need to create a brand new PS ID to be able to link your Stumble Account (Scopely ID)

Additional Note:  If you are a minor, Scopely Account ID option might not be available, depending on region/country to comply with regulations.  

Always a joy to help!