Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron here to assist you with any tournament related FAQ ⚡
Stumble Guys can be a fun competitive game! To make things even more interesting now have the ability for our stumblers to join a new tournament format called ''New Tournaments''. 

Where can I find the ''New Tournaments''? 
- Click on ''Tournaments'' Tab on your home screen 
- On the top left corner you will have a choice between ''New'' & ''Classic''
- Choosing the ''New'' option, you will be able to see all the new tournaments challenge we currently have available for you!

What changes comparing to the ''Classic Tournament'' format?
- Lower or non existent gem entry fees!
- Exciting quicker matches with max of 3 rounds. Don't blink or you might get eliminated!
- New Experience & Reward system

What Is the ''New Tournaments'' rewards system?
- Playing new tournaments will grant you specific experience points depending on your results. The further you are able to go, the more experience you will obtain.
- Tournament experience points can be used to claim different tiers of rewards (Customization items, gems, tokens, etc.)
- Be aware that when the season timer ends, new rewards will be made available!

New Tournaments are a great way to go the next level If you’re feeling extra competitive but beware, you will be facing the best stumblers in the world! Are you up for the challenge?

Thank you for being awesome!