0.47 RELEASE NOTES | 28 March 2023


Vroom Vroom! You can hear the roar of the engines…And see the Stumblers collide. They’re everywhere in the Turbo Temple map 

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to enter the latest too fast to stumble update!

A NEW GAME MODE is waiting for you! Drive to glory in the NEW MAP, Turbo Temple! New Stumblers, Footsteps, Emotes, Animations and MORE are waiting for you in TOO FAST TO STUMBLE UPDATE! See below what is new in this new update:


Drive, drift and use the nitro to beat other stumblers in the Turbo Temple map, the new Race Map in our Stumble Verse!


-Pixel Blue Ninja
-Diamond Banana
-Rane Ryder
-Candie Bear
-Super Banana
-Eggy Weggy
-Cmdr. Hopscotch
-DJ R4bbit
-Sugar Skull
-Fools Guy


-Neon Heart
-Neon Smiley
-Rainbow Wave
-PBJ Dance
-Get Sturdy
-Ninja Run


-Smoke Bomb
-Neon Heart
-Neon Smiley
-Rainbow Wave
-PBJ Dance
-Get Sturdy


-April Fools
-Fools Guy
-Easter Egg
-Easter Bunny
-Angry Bunner
-Storm Cloud


-Egg Steps
-Flowers Steps
-Ripple Steps
-Pixel Steps


Custom Parties

Fixed an issue where settings from the Custom Party that were changed if the host of the party were changed after exiting the Party.

Fixed an issue the last custom party settings of the user were not remembered after playing a match in the custom party.

Fixed an issue where the hostname was visible in the friend list and can send a self invites to the custom parties.


Fixed a visual bug where the invite button becomes green even if you have already invited your friend

Fixed a visual bug where friends' names were shown in green on the Winning/Elimination Screen

Fixed a visual bug where crowns were not displayed for the user in the profile after viewing player profile from friend list

Fixed a bug when the game gets stuck at the home screen when the user creates (Play with Friends) and Exits (Esc) the party in the Event simultaneously.


Fixed the glitches for the skin Sugar Skull Mariachi while using Taunt/ Victory animations.

Fixed the visual glitch some players experienced that Emotes in the user interface flicked when Emotes become available

Fixed a visual effect that Rainbow Rider and Bolt Stumblers were distorted for while using Going Super animation

Fixed a glitch for the skin Bunny Ninja (Furiken) Stumbler while using the Buttshake animation.

Fixed a visual bug in user interface where “The Good Luck”, “Easter bunny”, and “Angry easter bunny” emotes didn’t fit in the emote frame.

Gameplay (We know you love it! :D)

Fixed a bug where players could go through the floor on some parts of the map

Fixed an issue where the camera angle changed according to the movement of the control stick.

Fixed a graphical corruption in the 'Super Slide' and 'Bot Bash' levels


Fixed an issue where the progression bar wasn’t updating correctly with XP gained

Fixed an issue where event popup info sometimes triggered the wrong event

No more empty Lobbies! We fixed the issue where the Event HUB button was leading players to an empty event lobby

Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when players tried to join a rescheduled event

Fixed the bug when you press the “Play again” button redirected players to the Custom Party screen

Fixed two issues with the Milestone gauge. Collected milestone rewards weren’t added to players’ inventory after returning to the main hub. And Incorrect milestone number was shown on the progression bar and milestone rewards popup

Fixed a visual bug where the map carousel wasn’t displayed while playing the event.

Fixed a bug if players tapped two event panels simultaneously, displaying a corrupted panel

Fixed an issue that players were redirected to the home screen instead of the event lobby after tapping on the ‘Cancel’ button from the waiting screen when the players started playing the Event

Fixed a visual bug that an unwanted gems counter was displayed in the reward screen for event matches.


Fixed an issue for some players that their claim button wasn’t responsive after the player got eliminated and tapped on the button while on the rewards screen

We fixed the bug that some players got stuck on the login screen upon deleting the account from the privacy settings.

Fixed a bug where the whole shop's content was missing for some Steam Players

Fixed a visual bug where prices for several offers were missing in the offer section of the shop for some iOS users

Fixed the animation when players collected stumble tokens after purchasing them from the shop.

Patch release: 04/12/2023 (0.47.1)


Patch release: 04/12/2023 (0.47.2 & 0.47.3)

- Bug fixes

Have Fun!