Hi Stumbler! Dynamitron here to assist you with any gameplay related FAQ ⚡

Events are a new feature that you can find on the Home Screen

They are dynamic, which means daily and or weekly you might have different ones to play, so make sure to keep an eye out for them so you don't miss out on some nice rewards and their quirkiness   

If you click on the event you will be able to see the summary and rewards.

When you click on the leaderboard You will see what score gives what prizes, try your hardest to be in that top 1% for the maximum rewards! Rewards can be a variety of things from skins, EXP, gems and other goodies.

Are you up for the challenge? Will you be a top 1%er 

New Event Modes!

Unlock your competitive spirit and brace yourselves for a whirlwind of excitement and variety in the existing Stumble Guys Events! These are the new formats you will eventually find in Events:

Duel: Stumbles at dawn! Face off player v player in this Duel. You’ll only have 1 round to take out your opponent!

Showdown: Be the fastest hand in 1 round of 8 players to win this wild ride!

Blitz: Ready, set, Blitz! Face off against 32 players in just one round to be the last Stumbler standing!

Clash: Clash fast to win this stash! 4 players compete in 3 rounds until the winner takes it all!

Turbo: Rev up your engines, Stumblers! 16 players will race through 3 rounds to cross the finish first!

Original: Stumble into the Original format that you know and love! 32 players will face off in 3 rounds until the last Stumbler is standing!

These new modes will now be available for Events.

Important note: Crowns will not be awarded for winning an event that has less than 8 players (total capacity from the beginning).

Thank you for being awesome!